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Check out our TWEETS!

Eric and I have been microblogging all day via Twitter.  It’s been a good way for us to remember what all we’ve seen for talking points for the podcast. Check out our Twitter feed if you haven’t already, for the latest on what we’re seeing on the floor of E3:

E3 – Here we come!

Less than two hours till the convention officially begins and we at Channel Massive are beside ourselves, except for Noah who is a jaded E3 veteran.  We’ll be updating the sight nightly with our impressions of the show and the highlights that Channel Massive listeners and readers might just like to know about.  More later, [...]

Episode 133 – E3 Bound

Noah, Eric, and Mark share their plans for their upcoming visit to E3 2010! 00:00:00    Introduction 00:03:26    E3 Plans 00:41:44    Conclusion Musical Interludes: 01 – Lemon Meringue – Fishbone 02 – Alkali – 16 Volt Show Notes: Here is a list of IGN’s E3 Games list

Episode 131 – Square Table

Mark and Noah discuss gaming topics across a very square card table. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:05:46 What We’re Playing 00:24:24 Mail Bag 00:30:54 Round (er square) table 01:04:07 Conclusion Musical Interludes: 01 – The Night of the Living Dead – The Vision Bleak 02 – Wolfmoon – The Vision Bleak 03 – Metropolis – The Vision [...]

Episode 128 – Scott Speaks!

Long time pen-pal Scott dials in and joins us for a fun filled round table discussion. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:04:46 What We’re Playing 00:43:39 Mail Bag 01:05:00 The Week in Gaming 01:32:00 Out Takes and Other Goodness Relevant Links: STO council funniness – Scott “I think it is just funny that Cryptic copied the lame Eve [...]

Episode 126 – Super Happy Fun Show

Summary: Mark and Noah cover the MMO, general and weird gaming news for the week while subscribing to a more positive take on life. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:52 What We’re Playing 00:27:32 The Week in Gaming ??:??:?? Conclusion Musical Interludes 01 – Everyday Sunshine – Fishbone 02 – Getting Better – The Beatles 03 – Happy [...]

Episode 121 – Astro-Cock!

Eric joins the Channel Massive crew as Jason begins his five year mission to explore strange new worlds… 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:54 Mail bag 00:16:34 What We’re Playing 00:41:20 MMO News 01:13:17 Other Gaming News 01:43:36 Obscene Outtakes – Listeners, beware… Musical Interludes 01 – March of the S.O.D. – S.O.D. 02 – Cinnamon Girl – [...]

Episode 120 – All about Allods

Eric gets busy and interviews Darren Allarde from Allods Online and scores 100 beta keys for the game. Check out the podcast for details on how to get yours! 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:56 Interview 00:19:28 End Musical Interludes 01 – Spybreak! – Propellorheads 02 – Rhymin And Stealin – Beastie Boys 03 – First if Giveth [...]

Episode 117 – The Decade in Review

The M-Team recaps a decade of MMOs and their take on these fantastic games. 00:00:00 Intro 00:03:56 What We’re Playing 00:19:48 Mail Bag 00:25:36 The Decade in Review 02:07:30 Haunting Prophetic Ending Sequence Music Interludes 01 – Planet Earth – Duran Duran 02 – Elevator Music – Beck 03 – Against All Odds – Busta [...]

Champions Online: From Pen & Paper to MMORPG

The year was 1983.  A starry-eyed, younger version of myself was in middle school and I was badly faking paying attention in Mrs. Cortez’s history class.  Actually though, I was busy working on my latest Champions character sheet.  The super hero of the day was Uridium.  Named after a game available on my beloved Commodore [...]

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