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Channel Massive Episode 257: Sidequest – Corkscrew Boom

Mark and Noah joyfully diverge into passive aggressive attacks before talking Mattri-zynga and Mark’s awesome Planetside 2 divergence.

Channel Massive Episode 256: Tales from the Dungeon – On Holiday

Mark and Noah take an extended, hilarious tour through news, movies and updates on their latest DDO adventures.

Channel Massive Episode 255: Tales from the Dungeon – Scent of a Kobold

Mark and Noah are whores for listeners who struggle to keep a straight face during the news. Also, much kobold killing in DDO.

Channel Massive Episode 254: Tales from the Dungeon – Level 2

Mark and Noah watch dragons from afar in DDO and share reactions on MS’s E3 stumbles. Plus, gamers proven superior!

Channel Massive Episode 253: Tales from the Dungeon – Ascension

Mark and Noah bring a little news back to the show with Amazon Indies and E3 predictions, plus their first adventures in DDO.

Channel Massive Episode 252: Old Republic Tales – Wrath of the Weevilsith

Mark and Noah spend their last night in SWTOR the best way possible: eliminating player Sith from Tatooine. Until the 55 shows up. Plus: show format update!

Channel Massive Episode 251: Old Republic Tales – Gotcha

Mark and Noah finish the Mandalorian flashpoint in SWTOR, and then get into challenging players 20 levels higher on Tatooine.

Channel Massive Episode 250: Old Republic Tales – Nervous Caribou

Mark and Noah share tales of noisy caribou invading SWTOR, skipping entire planets and forgetting what even happened last Monday.

Channel Massive Episode 249: Old Republic Tales – Dinosaster

Southern Scott joins us to talk about how we zipped through the Hammer Station flashpoint, and then half of us got soundly stomped by a dinosaur mini-boss in Athiss.

Channel Massive Episode 248: Old Republic Tales – Win Some, Lose Some

Our journeys in Star Wars: The Old Republic continue with a return trip to the first group mission and a complete spanking in the second. We still love the game.

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