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Rated E for Everyone? Not really.

I ran into this post by Beau Hindman yesterday and I’ll be damned if it didn’t sit well with me.  Initially, I was ready to dismiss it as just another “Game Company X shuns the LGBT community” rant, but it got me thinking about what really could be going on. At issue here is a [...]

Episode 161 – Judgement Day

Mark and Noah dissect the League of Legends Tribunal system and it’s impact on the industry. Running Time – 00:35:51 Music: Master of Puppets – Metallica Get it Together – Beastie Boys N.W.O. – Ministry

Episode 160 – Sonyfail

The crew chimes in on the PSN security hack.

Five Reasons Why You NEED to Play Portal 2

Deploying smooth jazz in 3… 2… 1…

Android – Four Free Games to Waste Time With

1.  Stupid Zombies (Gameresort) At first glance, you’re going to think “damn…this is just Angry Birds, but with zombies”.  And you’d be dead (pun definitely intended) wrong. The goal is simple – kill all the zombies on each level before you run out of bullets.  You get bonus points for how many bullets you have [...]

What We’re Playing – 2011.03.28

Mark I am continuing my first play-through of Dragon Age II. I have to say that I’m liking it the more I play and am getting drawn into the story which, while not as EPIC and Dragon Age: Origins, is still more compelling than 90% of competing MMOs. As I play this game, which occasionally [...]

Channel Massive Today! – Bioware Week Edition

Jason addresses his concerns about Bioware and Dragon Age 2.  

Episode 156 – We Heart Shaco

The boys talk about their geek crush for League of Legends. 00:00:00 Intro 00:12:14  Mail and Stuff 00:22:14  Our Love Ballad To League of Legends Musical Interludes: 01 – Run For Your Life – The Beatles 02 – Midnight Special – Creedence Clearwater Revival 03 – Never Let Me Down Again – Gabriel Cain

Episode 153 – Eat Our Shorts

Summary Mark, Jason, and Eric dish dirt on DC Universe Online and World of Warcraft.

Episode 151 – Azeroth Shrugged

Summary The boys return to Azeroth and live to tell about it…sorta. Hosts Mark, Eric, Noah, Jason Running Time – 01:01:49 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:45 What Noah is Playing 00:49:28 What the Rest of Us Are Playing 01:14:36 Azeroth Inquisition Musical Interludes 01 – Castlevania Intro 02 – Show Don’t Tell – Rush 03 – Flashback [...]

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