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Yet another SWTOR Beta Impression

I know I have been absent for a while. RL slowing down will hopefully allow me to get back in the swing of things. It seems everyone else is giving their thoughts on SW:TOR now that the NDA has been dropped. Many of the impressions I have read I find that I disagree with and [...]

Channel Massive Legends 12: dRiven to Defeat!

Summary Scott and Mark are joined by Curtis and Tony to discuss Ranked Play offline, QQ Corner, Riven, and our favorite shop items.

Channel Massive Legends 11: SERVER DOWN!?!!

Summary This week Scott and Mark are joined once again by Curtis to discuss Dominion PAX playtime, LoL Failteam, and Buff spells.

Channel Massive Legends 10: Talon Talk

Summary This week Scott and Noah are joined by Curtis to discuss Riot at PAX, Talon, and Piercing the Darkness.

Channel Massive Legends 9: DOMINION!

Summary This week Scott, Mark and Noah discuss Dominion, Skarner, and Useless Summoner Spells. Hosts Scott, Mark and Noah Show Contents 00:00…  Introduction and Play Recap 09:41…  Skarner Patch Chat 23:54…   DOMINION Discussion 43:59…  Strategy Segment 52:53… Total Run Time Intro: Simple Plan-”Generation” Music: Electracy- “Cosmic Castaway”  

Channel Massive Legends 8: “I Will Come at You like a Spider Monkey!”

Summary This week Scott, Mark and Noah discuss Riot Userbase,  Wu Kong, Listener Mail and a Flash strategy. Hosts Scott, Mark and Noah Show Contents 00:00…  Introduction and Riot Userbase Discussion 08:18…  Champion Play 19:50…   Listner Mail 35:32…  Wu Kong Patch discussion 57:00…  Flash Spell Strategy Total Length 01:08:13 Music It’s My Turn to Fly  – The [...]

Channel Massive Legends 7: It’s Perfect! Now Change Everything

Summary This week Scott, Mark and Noah discuss Leona, listener mail and a new strategy section. Hosts Scott, Mark and Noah Show Contents 00:00…  Introduction and Who we are playing 03:45…  Double Mailbag 08:50…  Patch 121 Discussion 17:33…  Tower Diving Strategy Total Length 25:55 Music Gladiator Soundtrack

Channel Masive Legends 6: Bring out Your Dead

Summary This week we discuss The Gravedigger, listener mail and our ever present champion homework. Hosts Scott, Mark and Noah Show Contents 00:00…  Introduction and Finally Listener Mail 31:18…  Patch 120 Gravedigger 1:03:44…  Next episode’s champion choices Total Length 1:21:01 Music Dream Theater – Metropolis, Pt. 1- The Miracle and the Sleeper

Channel Massive Legends 5: Riot E3 Roundtable Discussion

Summary This week in Episode 5 we discuss the Riot game’s E3 reveals and our Summoner homework.

Witcher 2 Review: Now with More Boobs!

Traditionally, two development houses are acknowledged as the premiere PC gaming single player RPG standard: Bioware and Bethesda.  It’s now not untrue to say CD Projekt RED has become a legitimate third studio to add to that list.

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