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Fun with numbers

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a site and podcast devoted to MMOs; but as you’re well aware, our illustrious hosts are quite fond of crossing-over and talking about their love of consoles.  While trolling the internet this morning, I came across this lovely infographic developed by Online Education that has some [...]

Here’s the kind of mount I’d want…


Perhaps no one even remembers who the hell Jim is, perhaps you’ve all seen this trailer, and perhaps you’ve heard all these promises, and I’m behind on the times as usual — but let me tell what I like and what I know. Of all the video games I’ve ever played, perhaps the most captivating [...]

Truth in Advertising

There’s a funny post by Jason Michaels over at that lists 10 games and what they should have been named, including what the acronym WoW really stands for.

A Fond Farewell

In that all good things must come to an end, I write today to our loyal listeners to tell you that I have made a decision to leave the M-Team.  No, I don’t plan to record a rant per week and send it off to every MMO podcast on iTunes.  Frankly, as Julien pointed out, [...]

The Pentagon Thinks that WoW is a Terrorist Tool

According to Noah Shachtman at Wired in his article, “Pentagon Researcher Conjures Warcraft Terror Plot,” terrorists may be planning real life attacks in a virtual space such as WoW.  Dr. Dwight Toavs, National Defense University professor, demonstrated a hypothetical scenario to the Director of National Intelligence Open Source Conference. “In it, two World of Warcraft [...]

Channel Massive — The Drinking Game!

Truly inspired by we boozers at Channel Massive, our friend and long-time listener, Josh from the land down under, decided to invent a Channel Massive drinking game with the following rules: Must be using spirits of some kind. When someone sings on the podcast: Have a shot. When someone swears: Have a shot. When “WARHAMMER” [...]


No, not Jesus — Jim. What should I play? This poll was promised in the upcoming Episode 56 podcast, but I thought I’d release it early. Tired of shelling out hard-earned cash for MMOs; tired of the AoC client crashing; and tired of following fickle friends from game to game; I’ve decided to take up [...]

A New Kind of “Ism”

Bob, a respected member of the Channel Massive guild on World of Warcraft, wrote in to share a story of how he discovered a whole new kind of bigotry when he was “snubbed” at an activities group interview.  The M-Team will officially comment on Bob’s email in Episode 57; however, we felt that it was [...]

Episode 55 – Pwn3d

The M-Team discusses CoH, WAR and WoW, GM cybersex, epic monster battles, and a new achievement badge is unlocked. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:04:04 What We’re Playing 00:13:40 Mail Bag 00:45:15 The Week in Gaming 01:15:16 Blog-O-Steria Obligatory show notes follow: TWiG: Funcom Employee Fired for Cybersex in Conan How Long is Too Long? CoX Adding a [...]

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