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Channel Massive Legends 11: SERVER DOWN!?!!

Summary This week Scott and Mark are joined once again by Curtis to discuss Dominion PAX playtime, LoL Failteam, and Buff spells.

Channel Massive Legends 5: Riot E3 Roundtable Discussion

Summary This week in Episode 5 we discuss the Riot game’s E3 reveals and our Summoner homework.

Transformers: War for Cybertron: The Interview

If you haven’t checked out my review of Transformers: War for Cybertron you can find it here….KAPOW! I also sent a few questions over to High Moon studios and they were nice enough to answer them for me! Check out what Matt Tieger, the Game Director for Transformers, has to say about the game!

Poll: Starcraft II Called– Did You Pick Up?

Like Zerg drones heeding the Queen of Blades, Channel Massive hosts are buying Starcraft II. Do you have the fortitude to resist Blizzard’s latest, or did you get it too? Let us know in the poll.

Lore of Legends: Olaf

An interesting fellow has been introduced by the developers over at Riot Games by the name of Olaf. He seems to be a Berserker/Viking character who has some neat moves at his disposal. The first thing to consider is his passive. For every percentage of health that he loses his attack speed increases! I usually [...]

*Spoilers Abound*: Red Dead Redemption

Don’t read this if you haven’t beaten Red Dead Redemption! Seriously, I’m going to touch on whatever I found interesting and I’m sure more than a few sentences into this could ruin your day if you haven’t seen the credits. Reminder: If you haven’t scene the credits, you haven’t finished the game. Super important to [...]

Lore of Legends: Malzahar

Riot games has release information about their next Champion and I couldn’t be more excited. I consider League of Legends to be more akin to a fighting game in it’s execution than a strategy game. It’s just as important to find that perfect character for yourself as it is to learn the basic techniques of [...]

APB Has a Sweet Character Creator

EA has a series of events nearly every hour going on at their booth at E3 right now, and I happened to catch a bunch of their presentation on the character creator for the upcoming All Points Bulletin.  In short: City of Heroes has nothing on this.  The characters come out looking top-notch, just as [...]

Your issues may be more than the game’s fault…

I started dinking around with computers in 1986 (almost 9 years after I got into table top gaming) and ever since then I have had a passion for computers that is borderline obsessive…okay, not quite that bad, but close.  I am always looking for the next great toy to add, or the next best look [...]

Fluff or Grunge? Beauty or Beasty?

So after 30+ years of gaming, it finally hits me.. the type of game I enjoy… Grungy with good dash of Beasty’ness.  I realized while romping around in LoTRO last night that one of the major reasons I am disappointed, is the graphics.  There is far too much fluff.  The game is gorgeous.  That is [...]

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