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Julien’s Top 5 Videos to stop Forum Flaming

Have you ever been in a forum where ppl are arguing about the dumbest thing ever? If so, next time it happens post one of these videos and watch the flaming magically stop!  5. Post with the comment: “Bubb Rubb agrees with you” 4. Bit cliche but it always gets laughs 3. “Sorry to take [...]

The Quake Family Tree

I’m sitting in Logan airport delayed as usual. I’m surfing the web and reading some blogs and noticing this image floating around the internet that actually lives on Wikipedia, which illustrates the evolution of the Quake engine and all of the descendants it has begotten over the years. I don’t think it’s complete, but it’s [...]

Help Us Get Better

You can help improve our show, all thanks to modern polling technology! The first thing we want to know about is show length– as you know, sometimes we’re concise and sometimes we can’t… stop… going on tangents. Do you like those or do you want a more concentrated formula? Let us know in the following poll, and [...]

Because Jason asked…

Catassing is defined as this by the Wikipedia entry:  ”Catassing (also referred to as “poopsocking”) is the process of sequestering oneself at a computer and avoiding other day-to-day activity in favor of ‘levelling up’ in a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) whose game design makes heavy use of level treadmills or their functional equivalents.” Here’s [...]

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