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Poll of the Week: Incentivize

Your favorite or not-so-favorite MMOs of the past and future are adding incentives to regain or keep your interest. We’re curious what you think of them. These polls are workin’ again, all you crazy IE and Chrome kids!

This Space Reserved for all of the Snarky “I told you so!” and “Nyah Nyah!” Posts

(via I’m waiting. Edit – We also have space for those “THE SKY FALLING!  MYTHIC BETTER FIX DIS SHIZNIT ASAP!” posts.

The Electric Eye : Funnybone Edition

A couple of things I’ve come across recently that tickled my funnybone… A valentine from Mythic that you definitely don’t want to get. He…could…go…all…the…way!  Yes!  YES!  OH GOD!

Eep! Inevitable City Under Siege on Dark Crag!

Breaking news!  As I mounted my wyvern to the Inevitable City the Flight Master screamed something at me….”WAIT! THE MAW HAS…” And that’s the last I saw of him.  Next thing I knew, I was at a small encampment near the city.  I looked at the huge door in front of me wondering what had [...]

A car ride with insane game music composer Brad Derrick

Check out this video podcast from the folks at Mythic Entertainment.  It begins with him actually composing music in a car with laptop, keyboard and car stereo.  Do I smell a future Darwin award?  In any case this may rank up there with the multi-boxing madness we discussed at the end of episode five.  The [...]

Warhammer Online Beta Signups!

Somehow I wasn’t aware of this!  Mythic is accepting applications for beta testers for Warhammer Online.  Here’s the link:

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