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Black Prophecy: First Impressions

I was one of the few that snatched up a North America closed beta key from Massively to give this new space dogfighter a look. I am one of the many of you out there that likes to hear about Eve, but, sadly, playing that spreadsheet is not my idea of entertainment. To let you know [...]

The End of the DC Universe!…Beta.

DC Universe Online releases this week and I’m prepared to work my way from lackey to Mr. Super Powered Man of Mysterious Explosive Pants…+2.  I have my reservations about the game but I can’t deny that I really enjoy playing it. I’m really no closer to choosing what you’d call a main character than I [...]

League of Legends Open Beta Announced

No more hard to find beta keys needed, the LoL Open Beta is at hand.  Here’s the link:

Sure-fire Age of Conan Beta Access

In case you’ve been waiting and waiting for that AoC beta invite that never came, I can tell you one way to get in for sure.  Go get the $4.99 a month FilePlanet subscription and you can get get your beta key and download the client for access to the open beta starting May 1st.  [...]

Name That Game

Since Episode 32, Jason has been taunting us about playing some so-called MMO he “can’t talk about.” Since he won’t tell us what it is, a democratic poll is the only way to figure out just what this awesome game is– or, more likely, what dark, shameful secret he’s aching to reveal.

Episode 9 – Chicken Play clucks!

In this episode Jason ventures boldly back into the dangerous world of J.R.R. Tolkien to play as a heroic…chicken.  Jim joins us to discuss what he’s been playing, his take on the MMO genre and we all discuss on-line romance and those raid group know-it-alls we all love so much.

Mythos beta test signups available

Mythos, the unofficial testing platform for Hellgate: London has allowed a new batch of beta testers in.  Right now they’re still taking applications for more beta testers at this URL:

It is with deep regret that I…

reset the Release-O-Meter for Age of Conan to Q1 of 2008.  Apparently the alpha/beta feedback was enough to force some re-factoring.  As much as this crushes me, for it means I will face a cold dark winter with no new killer MMO to play, it does mean that FUNCOM is taking the high road by [...]

Warhammer Online Beta Signups!

Somehow I wasn’t aware of this!  Mythic is accepting applications for beta testers for Warhammer Online.  Here’s the link:

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