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This Week on Channel Massive: We <3 Valve

If you’ve been a PC gamer for any period of time, and you like games in first person perspective, you’re likely to love Valve. We do. Your first encounter with the developer’s work may have been back in 1998 with the original Half-Life. Suddenly, first person shooters could have an intriguing story and dramatic, movie-like [...]

This Week on Channel Massive: Future Game Tech

The days of gee-whiz graphics upgrades are fading fast. Yes, Epic and id continue to make ever-more-powerful iterations of their graphics engines, and in-game worlds are approaching photo realism in ever-smaller steps. But that’s just it: the next “wow” leap in visuals likely won’t come from how realistic they look, but how they’re displayed: unless [...]

This Week on Channel Massive: Bioware

Bioware. If you’re a gamer, the name might give you goosebumps, thinking of all the magnificent worlds, both original and licensed, the developer has built complex, emotional games around. In fact, much like another developer whose name starts with a “B,” Bioware carries a “do no wrong” reputation for many: if “Bioware” is on the [...]

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