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Still Alive

I’ve been having a few issues with my back this week that have required me to do most of my gaming or computing from the couch/bed. I’m just starting to feel somewhat human again so I should be back to recording the “Today!” show starting tomorrow morning. I’m really looking forward to it. There’s a [...]

Stop Talking. Go Gaming.

I’m taking the day off of podcasting today.  I planned on doing a show, but a lot of the recent news was just too damned depressing to think about. I’m sick of hearing about more layoffs or great ideas being thrown away.  I’m sick of hearing about how the gaming biz is going to blow [...]

Episode 85 Coming Next Week

I apologize to all of you who have been enjoying shirtless Jake Gyllenhall: this post will officially be pushing that off our homepage.  But hey, this is important because it’s about US, not the Prrrrrince of Persia! Jason and I recorded a very excellent episode 85 last week, but because Mark’s on paternity leave, we [...]

R.I.P. Khan Noonian Singh

Since I’m at a loss for words…this will have to do: Khaaaaaaaaaaan!

Going back to Cali. Cali. Cali.

I don’t think so… Sometimes the gods grant you great gifts. Sometimes those gifts don’t come exactly when you want them to. I just got invited to the AoC beta and I’m heading off to California for a week.  With a 12gig+ download size, I doubt I’ll even get to install it before I leave. [...]

Baby killing playing time…must…log…on…soon…

This past week or two has just been a living nightmare for me when it comes to trying to log on to my latest MMORPG addiction, LOTRO . My 11 month old son caught some type of evil flu bug which causes high fevers, vomiting, and non-stop diaharea for a week. I honestly don’t know [...]

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