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Poll of the Week: Incentivize

Your favorite or not-so-favorite MMOs of the past and future are adding incentives to regain or keep your interest. We’re curious what you think of them. These polls are workin’ again, all you crazy IE and Chrome kids!

Channel Massive Ingame

Better late than never… We have finally gathered the info that we’ve been promising you. Below is the comprehensive list of active alts belonging to the Channel Massive staff in AoC and WoW. Shoot us a tell for a guild invite. Hope to see you all online. World of Warcraft Xulin – Level 68 BELF [...]

SWM seeking Buddies – Must Love Video Games

We are looking for 16 buddies to be exact. Age of Conan finally released the long-awaited Buddy Keys. We have 16 of them that we would love to give away. We will give them away on a first come, first serve basis; but of course, there’s a catch… We would like for you to open [...]

The Spell Is Lifted — At Least for a Day

Those of you who listen to the show regularly know about my recent injury.  All play-by-play joking aside, I fractured my tibia and fibula sliding into third base playing league kickball on the 19th of May.  I had internal malleoral fixation surgery a week ago and basically ever since my injury, I’ve been sequestered to [...]


We have had a couple of feedback emails regarding our Episode 42 discussion of an AoC nudity toggle. We’ll address these emails (as always) in upcoming mailbag segments of our weekly podcasts; however, I saw this video today and felt it was so pertinent to this ongoing topic as well as others we have had [...]

Channel Massive’s AoC Guild is Finally Up

Bow before your new Stygian master! Emissary Morbidus would like to formally invite our listeners to join us in our adventures through Hyboria on the Wiccana server. Guild rules are as follows: 1. There are no rules. 2. Contact Morbidus or my alt Nagol for a guild invitation. 3. You must recite the following at [...]

It’s Conan Day!

Jim has mastered the art of living simple: his home is very uncluttered and open. It almost looks like it’s perpetually ready for some modern living catalog photo shoot– at least when I’ve been there. Nice furniture, no knick-knacks, all this walking space– it’s a wonderful goal to aspire to for the rest of us.  [...]

The People Have Spoken

Never let it be said that we don’t listen to our Massive Members. Due to the overwhelming majority of listeners (pussies carebears caremice) who voted in our poll for what type of AoC server the Channel Massive guild should establish residence on, we have chosen the PvE server, Wiccana. If you’d like to game with [...]

By Crom! Age of Conan Server List Released!

Time to sharpen those blades and wax your loincloths! Funcom has just announced their server list for Age of Conan. Looks like a total of thirty-one servers worldwide for the initial early access launch. If you care to join the Channel Massive crew for some bloodshed, boobies and bad hangovers…which server should we hang our [...]

Sure-fire Age of Conan Beta Access

In case you’ve been waiting and waiting for that AoC beta invite that never came, I can tell you one way to get in for sure.  Go get the $4.99 a month FilePlanet subscription and you can get get your beta key and download the client for access to the open beta starting May 1st.  [...]

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