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Why do we seek a WoW killer?

Tonight, as I was playing LoTRO, then again while at the movies, I had an epiphany. The reason we seek is time. And that same time is the driving force behind 99% of the migraines that developers get while trying to make us a miracle game. If you think about it, time is the driving [...]

Cash for Coolness

SW:TOR RMT is on its way.  RMT’s a big subject for most folks these days. Personally, I work for a living, so paying $14.95 (x4) is just what I do since that’s my hobby.  I don’t drink much, I gave up smoking in 2005, drugs are for people who have no better way to enjoy [...]

Reputation Part 1

Hey all! This is your new website blogger, Julien! No, I will not be a host on the show, but I do plan on using this blog to discuss MMO features (ala round tables this podcast used to have), News (when there is any), and possibly the latest Whore Lore review :p. This is the [...]

Channel Massive Announces Two New Exciting Programs!

Channel Massive is proud to present some new exciting programs for our listeners! Massive MMO Summer Camp  Tired of having to watch your children 24/7?  Sick of listening to them moan and groan about how “bored” they are during those lazy summer days?  Well, fret no more!  Send them to the Massive MMO Summer Camp! [...]

Sandboxes and Theme Parks has a fascinating interview segment with NCSoft’s Thomas Bidaux (NCSoft Europe’s director of product development) about one of the publisher’s (and perhaps industry’s) core conceits of online games: sandboxes and theme parks.  Bidaux explains that online games, in order to succeed, must strike a tricky balance between open-ended, create-and-do-what-you-want sandbox gameplay versus proceed-through-amazing-linear-steps theme park [...]

Episode 7 is now available at a 7-11 near you!

Actually no…it’s not really available at 7-11…yet…but our Director of Failed Global Marketing Initiatives hopes to someday achieve this lofty goal.   Episode 7 covers the following topics: Updates to WOW, COH/COV and LOTRO.  This segment includes an in-depth discussion of “Chicken Play” and how it’s destroying the very fabric of society. A round-table discussion on [...]

Grind for Love

Earlier this week Mark was griping about the grind he endured to reach level 70– something he felt, in retrospect, was a bit of a waste of time.  There was no novelty or refreshing with alt characters halfway through his 70 dings, there was much doubt about his character’s abilities and specs (reconfiguring; reconfiguring again), [...]

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