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Episode 85 Coming Next Week

I apologize to all of you who have been enjoying shirtless Jake Gyllenhall: this post will officially be pushing that off our homepage.  But hey, this is important because it’s about US, not the Prrrrrince of Persia! Jason and I recorded a very excellent episode 85 last week, but because Mark’s on paternity leave, we [...]

No Show This Week

I think the terms “catass” and “poopsock,” lovely as they are, have sat at the top of our homepage long enough.  In the meantime, I wanted to pass along word that we haven’t recorded this week but will record a new show for you this upcoming Monday, and that’ll probably be posted Wednesday/Thursday depending on [...]

No Show This Week

May we return triumphantly next week!  For our weekly Noob night this week, Mark, Mark’s brother-in-law and I spun up new characters in City of Heroes to see if the game was still fun after taking a year off.  And also see what the fuss was about the new open sewers.  Long story short, I [...]

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