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Channel Massive Ingame

Better late than never… We have finally gathered the info that we’ve been promising you. Below is the comprehensive list of active alts belonging to the Channel Massive staff in AoC and WoW. Shoot us a tell for a guild invite. Hope to see you all online. World of Warcraft Xulin – Level 68 BELF [...]

Playing with our Massive Members

We often make reference in our podcasts to our weekly gaming night where the four Channel Massive hosts hop online to kick a little butt in CoX. More often than naught, we’re playing heroes on the Freedom server. If any of you would like to join in the fun, we’d be honored to fight along [...]

Episode 9 – Chicken Play clucks!

In this episode Jason ventures boldly back into the dangerous world of J.R.R. Tolkien to play as a heroic…chicken.  Jim joins us to discuss what he’s been playing, his take on the MMO genre and we all discuss on-line romance and those raid group know-it-alls we all love so much.

Episode 7 is now available at a 7-11 near you!

Actually no…it’s not really available at 7-11…yet…but our Director of Failed Global Marketing Initiatives hopes to someday achieve this lofty goal.   Episode 7 covers the following topics: Updates to WOW, COH/COV and LOTRO.  This segment includes an in-depth discussion of “Chicken Play” and how it’s destroying the very fabric of society. A round-table discussion on [...]

No Show This Week

May we return triumphantly next week!  For our weekly Noob night this week, Mark, Mark’s brother-in-law and I spun up new characters in City of Heroes to see if the game was still fun after taking a year off.  And also see what the fuss was about the new open sewers.  Long story short, I [...]

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