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Back of the Line!

Oh no!  Looks like Mark is going to be waiting awhile to play some WOTLK. Wish him luck.

Massive Mess of an Opinion Question of the Week – More Free Stuff!

First things first.  Congratulations to last weeks t-shirt winner, nerrollus.  From the sound of things, he could always use more clothing. *cough* If you didn’t win last time, don’t fret!  We’re going to be running another t-shirt giveaway this week (courtesy of  Same rules apply as last week.  One lucky commenter will score [...]

A New Kind of “Ism”

Bob, a respected member of the Channel Massive guild on World of Warcraft, wrote in to share a story of how he discovered a whole new kind of bigotry when he was “snubbed” at an activities group interview.  The M-Team will officially comment on Bob’s email in Episode 57; however, we felt that it was [...]

Channel Massive Ingame

Better late than never… We have finally gathered the info that we’ve been promising you. Below is the comprehensive list of active alts belonging to the Channel Massive staff in AoC and WoW. Shoot us a tell for a guild invite. Hope to see you all online. World of Warcraft Xulin – Level 68 BELF [...]

The Physical World of Warcraft

For the amateur physicists out there — game design consultant, James Wallis has spent his sabbatical analyzing WoW. Using various methods, he has calculated the size, density and gravity of the planetoid you know as Azeroth. Azeroth is a very small planet, yet it has a gravity comparable to earth’s. Through clever means, James is [...]

World of World of Warcraft: The Future of Gaming

From America’s Finest News Source, The Onion, comes this breaking story of Blizzard’s newest property that puts gamers in the role of a WoW player. Game characters can be customized with glasses, scraggly goatees, and pale skin and can be directed to drink soda and eat Hot Pockets. Pre-order Your Copy NOW!!!

Ten Things I’ve Learned On Vacation

1. A five star restaurant listed in Fodor’s doesn’t necessarily mean that it tastes good. 2. Don’t be afraid to eat at places named “Hoover’s Beef Palace.” You might be pleasantly surprised. 3. I want a hot tub in my bedroom. 4. We’re here. We’re geeks. And THE FUTCHA IS ARRRRRRS! 5. And I’m soooo [...]

Channel Massive forms guild in WOW

Well it had to happen.  Channel Massive now has a guild presence in the wonderful MMO we call World of Warcraft.  We are on the Arthas (famous for the funeral griefing episode) server on the Horde side, of course.  We couldn’t have a guild without being able to benefit from the wonders of Barren’s Chat.  [...]

GDC 2008 : “World of Warcraft Ate Our Babies”

Lately I’ve been pouring over quite a bit of the coverage of this years Games Developer Conference and other random interviews as well.  As I read through all the great debates about “The Future of MMO’s,” Real Money Trading, etc I’m starting to notice a trend. The party line goes a little something like this: [...]

I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK

For anyone concerned, I am still alive. Since I haven’t been able to attend the podcast recordings lately due to blizzards, business travel, car problems, working like a dog, and last but not least, automotive assassination attempts while riding my bicycle, I want everyone to know that I’m still around and still a part of [...]

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