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Love and Greed

In Episode 29 (which is set for release sometime next week), the M-Team discusses the online wedding celebration of City of Heroes Manticore (Ncsoft’s Sean Dornan-Fish) and his RL wife Jennifer (who will assume the roll of Sister Psyche). Other signature CoX characters will also be at the event. If you wish to attend, here’s [...]

Never…EVER play on patch day.

Tabula Rasa’s latest patch went live this morning. The much discussed Rage changes (like them or not), Military Surplus (auction house), new consumables (portable waypoints ftw), and weapon/armor itemization all made it in much to the delight of most players. These are all great additions/changes and helps enhance the game dramatically. I was really looking [...]

Playing with our Massive Members

We often make reference in our podcasts to our weekly gaming night where the four Channel Massive hosts hop online to kick a little butt in CoX. More often than naught, we’re playing heroes on the Freedom server. If any of you would like to join in the fun, we’d be honored to fight along [...]

New Marvel MMO Poll

Give us your opinion:  

What flavor will your city be?

I was remiss to let one key quote not come up in Episode 15′s discussion on City of Heroes/Villains’ sale to NCSoft. had an interview with Brian Clayton, the new Studio Manager at NCSoft NorCal and Executive Producer of City of Heroes. Clayton told us that the current subscriber levels of the game support that [...]

Episode 15 – Jimless in Denver

In this episode: Jason brings us The Week in Gaming, we discuss the COH/COV move from Cryptic to NCSOFT, Mark goes undercover with Hellgate: London, and Jason goes undercover with Tabula Rasa. Show notes and MassiveNav 2000 (TM) info: 00:00:00 Intro 00:05:41 What We’re Playing 00:12:40 Jason brings us the Week in Gaming 00:30:09 Round Table [...]

Sandboxes and Theme Parks has a fascinating interview segment with NCSoft’s Thomas Bidaux (NCSoft Europe’s director of product development) about one of the publisher’s (and perhaps industry’s) core conceits of online games: sandboxes and theme parks.  Bidaux explains that online games, in order to succeed, must strike a tricky balance between open-ended, create-and-do-what-you-want sandbox gameplay versus proceed-through-amazing-linear-steps theme park [...]

Channel Massive LAN Party

Just some info for all the peeps out there… As we mentioned in Episode 11, Channel Massive will be delving into the worlds of City of Heroes/Villains and Lord of the Rings Online during our LAN Party this Saturday. We’d like to extend an invitation to our listeners to join us for some ale, pipeweed [...]

Episode 9 – Chicken Play clucks!

In this episode Jason ventures boldly back into the dangerous world of J.R.R. Tolkien to play as a heroic…chicken.  Jim joins us to discuss what he’s been playing, his take on the MMO genre and we all discuss on-line romance and those raid group know-it-alls we all love so much.

Episode 8 – “PC Gaming’s doom is at hand”

In this episode we recount our weekly gaming experiences, discuss MMO subscription models, and we rant about Dennis Dyack’s comments from GCDC where he recently prophesized the death of PC gaming.  We even stoop so low as to role-play Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony for the amazing rant segment!  Mark

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