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32 20 21 36 24 31

No…it’s not the code that you have to enter in to keep the island from blowing up. If you do know what these numbers represent, then you also know that the jackpot for the Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin’ Game on Everquest 2′s Antonia Bayle server has reached a staggering 1000+ plat. Has the jackpot ever been [...]

Channel Massive LAN Party

Just some info for all the peeps out there… As we mentioned in Episode 11, Channel Massive will be delving into the worlds of City of Heroes/Villains and Lord of the Rings Online during our LAN Party this Saturday. We’d like to extend an invitation to our listeners to join us for some ale, pipeweed [...]

Try Progress Quest

I mentioned this game in episode 10.  It’s basically an MMO that plays itself for you.  You start it up and watch the fun happen.  My character Bahne, a level 1 Fighter/Organist Dung Elf is currently in Act I, he just completed the Fetch me a Plank quest and has moved on to the Exterminate [...]

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