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A blogosteria (sorta) over Blog-O-Steria!

A banner day! We have our first public display of displeasure over the podcasts Blog-O-Steria segment. Huzzah! I’ll let my comment on the bloggers website serve as my official response to the matter.

Screw You Guitar Hero 3…

Long time listeners know that Raining Blood on GH3 has been my nemesis for many months now. Regardless of difficulty level, it’s always been the one song that has made me want to bash my guitar controller against the wall on many occasions. I imagine my reaction would be almost as childish as this kids [...]

Reputation Part 1

Hey all! This is your new website blogger, Julien! No, I will not be a host on the show, but I do plan on using this blog to discuss MMO features (ala round tables this podcast used to have), News (when there is any), and possibly the latest Whore Lore review :p. This is the [...]

GDC 2008 : “World of Warcraft Ate Our Babies”

Lately I’ve been pouring over quite a bit of the coverage of this years Games Developer Conference and other random interviews as well.  As I read through all the great debates about “The Future of MMO’s,” Real Money Trading, etc I’m starting to notice a trend. The party line goes a little something like this: [...]

Love and Greed

In Episode 29 (which is set for release sometime next week), the M-Team discusses the online wedding celebration of City of Heroes Manticore (Ncsoft’s Sean Dornan-Fish) and his RL wife Jennifer (who will assume the roll of Sister Psyche). Other signature CoX characters will also be at the event. If you wish to attend, here’s [...]

Nipples? No! Blood? Yes! And lots and lots of it!

Today I read a post from the Age of Conan community forum in regards to the ratings the game has been given and what elements of mature content will be included/not included in each “version” of the game. Apparently, US gamers will get the full-on gore, eviscerations, decapitations, blood spewing everywhere, etc. Germans won’t get [...]

WOW branded laptop leaves Mark confused

It looks like Dell and Activision Blizzard (man that’s weird to see) have teamed up to take two of my favorite things and combine them in something that leaves me thinking, “what in the hell?”  Yes, I love my Dell laptops and yes, I love World of Warcraft but did they really have to combine them [...]

Episode 17 – Introducing d3p3ndz

Episode 17 – Introducing d3p3ndz Jim leaves us to our own devices, Jason brings us the news, we discuss next-gen game features, and veteran gamer d3p3ndz claims today’s MMOGs are too fast. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:24 What We’re Playing 00:24:32 The Week in Gaming 00:39:49 MAME 00:40:51 Holiday Contest 00:48:08 Round Table – Next Gen MMO [...]

My original rant from Episode 13

The version of the verbal rant I presented for the episode 13 show was a much watered down version of what I had written.  The problem in presenting it for the podcast was that I suck at reading out loud, even when it’s my own writing.  Basically I just start reading faster and faster until I [...]

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