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The Electric Eye – Things That Make You Go Ruh?

Some things that caught the eye this week: A flowchart after my own heart… “First, I have to tip my hat to the TR Live team. They’ve done everything they could to get the game the way they and the players wanted. Even now with only 18 days until the game shuts down, they’re putting [...]

Massive Mess of an Opinion Question of the Week (Sponsored by

Congratulations to Onigato for winning last weeks Massive Mess of an Opinion Question of the Week t-shirt giveaway!  Our spy network reports that he’s been spending all of his World of Warcraft gold trying to corner the Inscription market on Arthas and can’t afford new clothes.  We’ve got your back (literally) Oni! We’re running another [...]

Another One Bites The Dust

I saw this bit of info while trolling Michael and Scott’s blogs.   Another MMO bites the dust. Tabula Rasa’s time of death is officially called at February 28, 2009.  At least NCSoft is trying to soften the blow with some decent parting gifts for those still subscribed to the doomed game. My recommendation to [...]

Never…EVER play on patch day.

Tabula Rasa’s latest patch went live this morning. The much discussed Rage changes (like them or not), Military Surplus (auction house), new consumables (portable waypoints ftw), and weapon/armor itemization all made it in much to the delight of most players. These are all great additions/changes and helps enhance the game dramatically. I was really looking [...]

Really good video review of Tabula Rasa

Brackish Waters has a simply awesome video review of Tabula Rasa that you must see.  Jason’s been talking about it for some time and with this video you can clearly see what he’s been describing.  Great job Brackish! Google Video

Episode 15 – Jimless in Denver

In this episode: Jason brings us The Week in Gaming, we discuss the COH/COV move from Cryptic to NCSOFT, Mark goes undercover with Hellgate: London, and Jason goes undercover with Tabula Rasa. Show notes and MassiveNav 2000 (TM) info: 00:00:00 Intro 00:05:41 What We’re Playing 00:12:40 Jason brings us the Week in Gaming 00:30:09 Round Table [...]

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