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The Robots Are Coming! The Robots Are Coming!

It’s not often that we pimp other podcasts here at Channel Massive, but it appears that Brent from has been replaced by a robot.  You may not notice much of a difference since Robot Brent eerily sounds like real Brent. We at Channel Massive welcome our new podcasting robot overlords.

Name That Game

Since Episode 32, Jason has been taunting us about playing some so-called MMO he “can’t talk about.” Since he won’t tell us what it is, a democratic poll is the only way to figure out just what this awesome game is– or, more likely, what dark, shameful secret he’s aching to reveal.

Episode 14 – Vger Lives!

In this episode: Jason brings us the MMO news, we round table the lack of social development in MMOs, and Mark rants about EA. 

Episode 12 – Escape from The Shire

In this episode we discuss the Channel Massive LAN party, Jason’s departure from The Shire (LOTRO), and balancing parenting with gaming. Some notes to compliment this podcast: Quoted Stats: In 2006 there were 15 million MMO gamers in the world 1 20% of MMO gamers play over 30 hours per week 2 34.6% of U.S. [...]

Episode 8 – “PC Gaming’s doom is at hand”

In this episode we recount our weekly gaming experiences, discuss MMO subscription models, and we rant about Dennis Dyack’s comments from GCDC where he recently prophesized the death of PC gaming.  We even stoop so low as to role-play Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony for the amazing rant segment!  Mark

Episode 6 unleashed and heading for Darkshire…

Episode 6 has been sited killing everything in it’s path as it heads for Darkshire.  In this episode: Mark and Noah discuss their first few hours in Sword of the New World. Jason bores us with stories of EVE Online as he tries to make it sound fun but…we…wait…uh……Zzzzzzzzz…………actually his report is really good and [...]

Oh, and more episodes coming

In case you’re wondering, we do have not one but THREE cool episodes getting processed for you right now!  We didn’t collapse: we just had real life hit the fan.  I guarantee our episodes are something to look forward to and hope you have some stuff to respond to us via email or whatever!  Thank [...]

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