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Episode 135 – Traders of Tangents in the Age of Lost Secrets

Summary For the first time on Channel Massive, five hosts converge in a single show with an ambitious agenda. Unfortunately, the more guys, the more tangents! Hosts Mark, Noah, Jason, Scott and Eric

Gigglegibber Breaks My Heart

The picture says it all. Curse you Gigglegibber! May you choke on the two platinum I wasted on you! Sigh…back to the grind.

32 20 21 36 24 31

No…it’s not the code that you have to enter in to keep the island from blowing up. If you do know what these numbers represent, then you also know that the jackpot for the Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin’ Game on Everquest 2′s Antonia Bayle server has reached a staggering 1000+ plat. Has the jackpot ever been [...]

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