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Blizzard’s Real ID Promo Jingle

Fearing a huge backlash from their fans, Blizzard has released a promo jingle for Real ID…

Evil Has A New Name…

And it’s Brahm Shadowthorn. First goal?  Break into the girls dormatory and start a ruckus.  Muahahahah!  Hopefully the headmaster won’t mind me poking around a bit.

Channel Massive Announces Two New Exciting Programs!

Channel Massive is proud to present some new exciting programs for our listeners! Massive MMO Summer Camp  Tired of having to watch your children 24/7?  Sick of listening to them moan and groan about how “bored” they are during those lazy summer days?  Well, fret no more!  Send them to the Massive MMO Summer Camp! [...]

Hello Kitty Online: How We Brought This On Ourselves

Last week, the gates of hell opened up and the beta for Hello Kitty Online was announced. Women screamed, babies cried… and so did the men. So how did this happen? How is it that this monstrosity only dreamed about in the nightmares of the MMO community come to life? I think I have found [...]

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