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Worthless Waste of Time Poll of the Week – Sept. 29th, 2009

The M-Team is having a gaming orgy this weekend and we’re trying to figure out what we want to play.Help us out and leave a comment below! I should note that Noah apparently got his grubby little hands on a test setup for DJ Hero and he promised us we’d get a chance to see [...]

Times is tough… what’s a girl to do?

How ’bout work at an E3 booth? This is a little overdue, but I figure you can never be too late with a set of “booth personnel” photos.  And since our WordPress is all sorts of bunk in terms of image uploads and splitting content between pages and who knows what else, you can expect [...]

Time To Humiliate Myself For Science (and Rock and Roll) – The Videos

***Important Note*** We’re extending last weeks t-shirt giveaway through December 11th.  All you have to do is leave a comment in either that post or this post to be entered into this weeks giveaway. Here’s some videos of last weeks attempt at the Endless Setlist in Rock Band 2. Unfortunately, mother nature hit me [...]

Time To Humiliate Myself For Science (and Rock and Roll) – Sponsored by

I’ve done my research.  I understand the odds.  I’m ready for the challenge! Starting tomorrow morning (Dec. 3rd, 2008 around 10-11:00am EST), I will attempt to beat the Endless Setlist in Rock Band 2 using the power of my mighty voice (Expert Vocals) to curry favor with the rock gods above. In order to make [...]


We have had a couple of feedback emails regarding our Episode 42 discussion of an AoC nudity toggle. We’ll address these emails (as always) in upcoming mailbag segments of our weekly podcasts; however, I saw this video today and felt it was so pertinent to this ongoing topic as well as others we have had [...]


IndiaTimes Infotech has a roundup of the hottest video game babes, which I thought would make a good poll. Whaddya think?  Vote for one or write in a candidate in the comments.

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