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Your issues may be more than the game’s fault…

I started dinking around with computers in 1986 (almost 9 years after I got into table top gaming) and ever since then I have had a passion for computers that is borderline obsessive…okay, not quite that bad, but close.  I am always looking for the next great toy to add, or the next best look [...]

So Much PC vs Console Nerd Rage. So Little Time.

I’m not sure why this had to turn into a full-blown PC vs Console gaming debate when it should have just strictly stayed on the focus of MMO’s, but I’ll play along just for fun…  ”We also have the Crysis series as a PC only game ” And how many PC’s were actually able to [...]

Cash for Coolness

SW:TOR RMT is on its way.  RMT’s a big subject for most folks these days. Personally, I work for a living, so paying $14.95 (x4) is just what I do since that’s my hobby.  I don’t drink much, I gave up smoking in 2005, drugs are for people who have no better way to enjoy [...]

Ass-hattery: Is it localized or industry wide?

Today was another day like most. I was over in an area of Northrend, killing some quest mobs, pretty much doing the usual. So I take down a Lasher, loot it and the instant my character stands back up, some ass-hat runs over, harvests it, and runs off. No asking, no waiting to see if [...]

Another One Bites The Dust

I saw this bit of info while trolling Michael and Scott’s blogs.   Another MMO bites the dust. Tabula Rasa’s time of death is officially called at February 28, 2009.  At least NCSoft is trying to soften the blow with some decent parting gifts for those still subscribed to the doomed game. My recommendation to [...]

Grand Theft Auto IV – Apparently endorsed by Jack Thompson

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Jack is sporting his best floral print as he gets ready to bring Holy fury to the streets.  Will he “rape and then trample” prostitutes first or will he spend his in-game time trying to find a Christian radio station in his stolen ride?  My guess is [...]

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