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Fighters for the Future: Burden Croy

My plan of posting about a different character once a day really hasn’t worked out. The primary reason being that the game is so much fun. Luckily I’ll be talking about the main culprit in today’s post: Burden Croy. Oh man! Look at that picture! He’s scary! With this character I’m going for tragic childhood [...]

Fighter for the Future: Incog

The world has been altered. Lex Luthor, in a desperate attempt to change the future that he helped to create, releases  nanotech called exobytes into the atmosphere. These microscopic machines have the ability to pass on powers stolen from defeated heroes and villains. Lex’s plan is to bolster the defenses of Earth for the coming [...]

The End of the DC Universe!…Beta.

DC Universe Online releases this week and I’m prepared to work my way from lackey to Mr. Super Powered Man of Mysterious Explosive Pants…+2.  I have my reservations about the game but I can’t deny that I really enjoy playing it. I’m really no closer to choosing what you’d call a main character than I [...]

Times is tough… what’s a girl to do?

How ’bout work at an E3 booth? This is a little overdue, but I figure you can never be too late with a set of “booth personnel” photos.  And since our WordPress is all sorts of bunk in terms of image uploads and splitting content between pages and who knows what else, you can expect [...]

The Electric Eye – Things That Make You Go Ruh?

Some things that caught the eye this week: A flowchart after my own heart… “First, I have to tip my hat to the TR Live team. They’ve done everything they could to get the game the way they and the players wanted. Even now with only 18 days until the game shuts down, they’re putting [...]

32 20 21 36 24 31

No…it’s not the code that you have to enter in to keep the island from blowing up. If you do know what these numbers represent, then you also know that the jackpot for the Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin’ Game on Everquest 2′s Antonia Bayle server has reached a staggering 1000+ plat. Has the jackpot ever been [...]

“Plenty of Life Left After WoW”

No, I’m not referring to the rest of Mark’s life after reaching level 70, I’m talking about some recent developer comments made at this year’s more understated Leipzig Conference. Representatives from Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes & Villains, upcoming Marvel MMO), Turbine (Asheron’s Call, D&D Online, Lord of the Rings Online), EA Mythic (Dark Age [...]

Are SOE fanboys/girls blind to the sucky-spectrum?

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, as usual, and one of the new ones out there is Shut up, We’re Talking which is hosted by Darren and Tami from The Common Sense Gamer and Cuppytalk respectively.  Both are writers for their own long running and very well respected blogs about the gaming industry, leaning towards a specific focus [...]

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