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Final Frontiers? Here We Go Again

The tourism bandwagon has been rumbling down the mountain for a couple months (well, more, if you count Mark’s curious lifetime subscription to Champions Online… yes… curious), and as it rolled past, I decided, “what the hell?!” and jumped on. In other words, I decided to preorder Star Trek Online. (For all those wondering: [...]

What’s My Motivation?

I’ve recently seen Avatar in 3D for the third time and an insistent idea has repeatedly surfaces at the periphery of my thoughts. It’s a simple phrase. Almost clichéd at this point, “What’s my motivation?” Okay so WTF am I talking about, and what is my point?  I’ve been ruminating on the idea of what [...]

Champions Online: From Pen & Paper to MMORPG

The year was 1983.  A starry-eyed, younger version of myself was in middle school and I was badly faking paying attention in Mrs. Cortez’s history class.  Actually though, I was busy working on my latest Champions character sheet.  The super hero of the day was Uridium.  Named after a game available on my beloved Commodore [...]

The Reckoning – Champions Online Review


Close Encounters of the Weird Kind in Champions Online – Part 2

Help! I’m being touched by hobos! Two greasy half-naked hobos took time out of their daily routine of panhandling and speaking in jibberish to harrass me. Trojan Man! Is it wrong of me to be disappointed that this guy didn’t look like a huge, superpowered rubber instead of a real Trojan?  Yeah…probably. Ooooooh!  Barracuda! “If the [...]

Close Encounters of the Weird Kind in Champions Online

Make mine Musical? I actually thought about letting the New Purple Gang get away with this one.  I tried out for this musical and the director told me that I didn’t “look” the part of Sky Masterson.  He also said that I’d scare off the audience.  I think he needs to have an open mind [...]

Not So Massive Mini-Cast – April 24th, 2009

Jason rambles on about MMO’s, the NFL draft, and Twitter.

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