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Interview with a Dragon Age 2 Lover

This final installment for Dragon Age 2 week presents you the listener with Scott’s take on the game. He’s put a ton of time into it and if you still haven’t purchased it yet, he might convince you to do so…immediately! So hearken to the words of Scott and let us know if you’ve taken [...]

The Greatest Story Ever Told – Dragon Age: Origins Review

Bloodied, tired, and bald.

Misadventures in Dragon Age:Origins (Let’s Get Naked Edition)

The innocent chantry girl takes advantage of my poor mage after a night of drinking.

Misadventures in Dragon Age: Origins (Part 2)

Imagine my horror when I made my way back to camp and found Sten waiting for me… “Hey there, boss! Just thought I’d get comfortable and make myself at home.”

Misadventures in Dragon Age: Origins (Part One)

Life an apprentice mage sure is rough.  The teacher didn’t even lift a finger to help this poor student after he set himself on fire.   “I don’t want to sound creepy or anything, but all that blood on your face is really turning me on.”   “Hey guys!  I’ve got a great idea.  Let’s [...]

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