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Diablo 3 should have been a rhythm game!

Inspired by Bennett Ring’s “thought provoking” musings in his recent crap article over at GameSpy, I decided to take a stance of my own regarding how Diablo 3 should best have been genre bent. After playing the latest Diablo 3 demo, GameSpy’s Editor in Chief found himself thinking how much better the game might have [...]

Episode 140 – All About Starcraft II

Noah, Jason and Mark proclaim their undying adoration for Kerrigan’s killer hair-do and a few other things.

Channel Massive…Today! 08.18.10

Blizzard’s lawsuit against ScapeGaming. Recommended reading: Gamasutra Article – Blizzard wins $88m judgement against WoW private server owner

No More Secrets. No Channel Massive Today…Today.

For some reason this morning and I can’t seem to talk without my voice cracking every few seconds.  Must be going through puberty or something.  Not necessarily the best thing to deal with while recording a podcast. Unfortunately, I going to have to take the day off so can give my pie-hole a chance to recuperate.  I’ll be back loud [...]

Blog-O-Steria: Just a Few Dozen Reasons…

Dear Blizzard, Below are 30+ reasons to reconsider your decision about Real ID and it’s implementation within your forums. All of them don’t necessarily agree with each other.  Some of the discourse has been a little nasty, but for the most part?  There is a ton of healthy debate going on.  Good, old-fashioned anonymous debate. I’m [...]

Blizzard’s Real ID Promo Jingle

Fearing a huge backlash from their fans, Blizzard has released a promo jingle for Real ID…

“That’s what guilds are foooorrr…”

In case the obscure, schmaltzy ’80s pop song reference is missed, look up Dionne Warwick and Friends and sub out “guilds” with “friends.” You young whippersnappers and your emo music… At any rate, I’m here to share some more afterthoughts on a recent blog-o-sterical topic, World of Warcraft’s 3.3 patch update. I just found it [...]

I Don’t Want To Steal Your Style. I Just Like Your Moves, Baby.

Hello there everyone! I’ve been invited to be a guest on the show and didn’t want to come on all empty-handed and what not. I figured I’d do a little something to spur some conversation. I’ve recently been playing in the closed beta of Allods online, and also the launch of Alganon. You may notice [...]

Massive Formulas: That Blizzard is On Fire!

Author’s Note: So, it’s been just a little over a month since my last Massive Formulas blog, but, as promised, here is the second one. This one focuses on Blizzard’s launch of the most successful MMO property to date. And to clarify: by success I mean a financial success, because in our hearts the MMO [...]

Back of the Line!

Oh no!  Looks like Mark is going to be waiting awhile to play some WOTLK. Wish him luck.

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