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Massive Mess of an Opinion Question of the Week – More Free Stuff!

First things first.  Congratulations to last weeks t-shirt winner, nerrollus.  From the sound of things, he could always use more clothing. *cough* If you didn’t win last time, don’t fret!  We’re going to be running another t-shirt giveaway this week (courtesy of  Same rules apply as last week.  One lucky commenter will score [...]

World of World of Warcraft: The Future of Gaming

From America’s Finest News Source, The Onion, comes this breaking story of Blizzard’s newest property that puts gamers in the role of a WoW player. Game characters can be customized with glasses, scraggly goatees, and pale skin and can be directed to drink soda and eat Hot Pockets. Pre-order Your Copy NOW!!!

GDC 2008 : “World of Warcraft Ate Our Babies”

Lately I’ve been pouring over quite a bit of the coverage of this years Games Developer Conference and other random interviews as well.  As I read through all the great debates about “The Future of MMO’s,” Real Money Trading, etc I’m starting to notice a trend. The party line goes a little something like this: [...]

WOW branded laptop leaves Mark confused

It looks like Dell and Activision Blizzard (man that’s weird to see) have teamed up to take two of my favorite things and combine them in something that leaves me thinking, “what in the hell?”  Yes, I love my Dell laptops and yes, I love World of Warcraft but did they really have to combine them [...]

Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll. Video Games too!

Add CBS news anchor Hannah Storm to the growing list of fear-mongering dolts who believe that MMO’s are bringing down society. Watch the evil video here…at your own risk.  The best part in her piece is the intro.  ”But what do we really know of this dark world and this couple who is said to [...]

Episode 9 – Chicken Play clucks!

In this episode Jason ventures boldly back into the dangerous world of J.R.R. Tolkien to play as a heroic…chicken.  Jim joins us to discuss what he’s been playing, his take on the MMO genre and we all discuss on-line romance and those raid group know-it-alls we all love so much.

“Plenty of Life Left After WoW”

No, I’m not referring to the rest of Mark’s life after reaching level 70, I’m talking about some recent developer comments made at this year’s more understated Leipzig Conference. Representatives from Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes & Villains, upcoming Marvel MMO), Turbine (Asheron’s Call, D&D Online, Lord of the Rings Online), EA Mythic (Dark Age [...]

Episode 7 is now available at a 7-11 near you!

Actually no…it’s not really available at 7-11…yet…but our Director of Failed Global Marketing Initiatives hopes to someday achieve this lofty goal.   Episode 7 covers the following topics: Updates to WOW, COH/COV and LOTRO.  This segment includes an in-depth discussion of “Chicken Play” and how it’s destroying the very fabric of society. A round-table discussion on [...]

15 days to level 70

If you have listened to the Channel Massive podcast then you have, no doubt, heard my incessant whining about my unending quest to reach level 70 with my Night Elf warrior.  It was a very deliberate goal that I set for myself.  I have always had a tendency to play these MMOs with several alternate characters.  In WOW, for [...]

Episode 6 unleashed and heading for Darkshire…

Episode 6 has been sited killing everything in it’s path as it heads for Darkshire.  In this episode: Mark and Noah discuss their first few hours in Sword of the New World. Jason bores us with stories of EVE Online as he tries to make it sound fun but…we…wait…uh……Zzzzzzzzz…………actually his report is really good and [...]

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