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The Hellfire Club is looking for a few good Sith!

Anyone who knows me, or listens to the podcast, will surely know that it’s been a looooooooooooooooong time since I was actually excited about an MMO.  Well, hell has frozen over and I’m pretty fired up about SWTOR.  Thanks to the prolific distribution of beta keys, I think Bioware managed to impress a fair number [...]

Yet another SWTOR Beta Impression

I know I have been absent for a while. RL slowing down will hopefully allow me to get back in the swing of things. It seems everyone else is giving their thoughts on SW:TOR now that the NDA has been dropped. Many of the impressions I have read I find that I disagree with and [...]

Rated E for Everyone? Not really.

I ran into this post by Beau Hindman yesterday and I’ll be damned if it didn’t sit well with me.  Initially, I was ready to dismiss it as just another “Game Company X shuns the LGBT community” rant, but it got me thinking about what really could be going on. At issue here is a [...]

Fighters for the Future: Burden Croy

My plan of posting about a different character once a day really hasn’t worked out. The primary reason being that the game is so much fun. Luckily I’ll be talking about the main culprit in today’s post: Burden Croy. Oh man! Look at that picture! He’s scary! With this character I’m going for tragic childhood [...]

Fighter for the Future: Incog

The world has been altered. Lex Luthor, in a desperate attempt to change the future that he helped to create, releases  nanotech called exobytes into the atmosphere. These microscopic machines have the ability to pass on powers stolen from defeated heroes and villains. Lex’s plan is to bolster the defenses of Earth for the coming [...]

Lemme Show Ya Somethin’: Boat Launching and Evie Combat!

Hello Channel Massivateers(?), Here are a couple videos explaining a bit about the dungeon system and the new magician character, Evie! And yet more…

Blog-O-Steria – MMO Evolution/Innovation Theory

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Blog-O-Steria! This weeks topic? MMO Evolution/Innovation theories as written by the Blog-O-Sphere. Inspirational posts follow: We’re Working Backwards – Keen and Graev WoW is the iPhone, not Walmart – Cuppy Designing Around WoW – Tobold Of cheese and cake – Killed in a Smiling Accident A bad year for [...]

What’s My Motivation?

I’ve recently seen Avatar in 3D for the third time and an insistent idea has repeatedly surfaces at the periphery of my thoughts. It’s a simple phrase. Almost clichéd at this point, “What’s my motivation?” Okay so WTF am I talking about, and what is my point?  I’ve been ruminating on the idea of what [...]

Champions Online: From Pen & Paper to MMORPG

The year was 1983.  A starry-eyed, younger version of myself was in middle school and I was badly faking paying attention in Mrs. Cortez’s history class.  Actually though, I was busy working on my latest Champions character sheet.  The super hero of the day was Uridium.  Named after a game available on my beloved Commodore [...]

“That’s what guilds are foooorrr…”

In case the obscure, schmaltzy ’80s pop song reference is missed, look up Dionne Warwick and Friends and sub out “guilds” with “friends.” You young whippersnappers and your emo music… At any rate, I’m here to share some more afterthoughts on a recent blog-o-sterical topic, World of Warcraft’s 3.3 patch update. I just found it [...]

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