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Where’s the Party?

I’m about to blog about something that’s “so two weeks ago,” but car wrecks and general “Nintensanity” have kept me a little busy. Nevertheless, I’m so excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s companions, I feel something needs to be written about them on Channel Massive, particularly on an angle I’ve not seen from either [...]

Massive Formulas: That Blizzard is On Fire!

Author’s Note: So, it’s been just a little over a month since my last Massive Formulas blog, but, as promised, here is the second one. This one focuses on Blizzard’s launch of the most successful MMO property to date. And to clarify: by success I mean a financial success, because in our hearts the MMO [...]

The Soundtrack of MMOs

There’s something most gamers probably don’t think about when playing a MMO, and that is musical score. This is mainly due to the fact that, despite being pretty good, very few MMOs have great soundtracks that will get you blood pumping like the music from Gears of War 2 or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The [...]

Massive Formulas: Spin that Turbine ’til it’s clean.

Author’s Note: After the failure of Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa, and Hellgate: London I decided to take a look at some of the successful MMOs we are playing today and see what went right. I’ll also take a look at some of the failures and see what went wrong. This actually takes a lot [...]

Channel Massive’s Electric Eye

Just a couple tidbits I’ve come across recently that I thought you would enjoy: Since we seem to have quite a few listeners who play Lord of the Rings Online, I’d thought I’d share this hilarious take on some of it’s lame icon art from The Ancient Gaming Noob. A very interesting look at game [...]

Fluff or Grunge? Beauty or Beasty?

So after 30+ years of gaming, it finally hits me.. the type of game I enjoy… Grungy with good dash of Beasty’ness.  I realized while romping around in LoTRO last night that one of the major reasons I am disappointed, is the graphics.  There is far too much fluff.  The game is gorgeous.  That is [...]

Why do we seek a WoW killer?

Tonight, as I was playing LoTRO, then again while at the movies, I had an epiphany. The reason we seek is time. And that same time is the driving force behind 99% of the migraines that developers get while trying to make us a miracle game. If you think about it, time is the driving [...]


Perhaps no one even remembers who the hell Jim is, perhaps you’ve all seen this trailer, and perhaps you’ve heard all these promises, and I’m behind on the times as usual — but let me tell what I like and what I know. Of all the video games I’ve ever played, perhaps the most captivating [...]

Whining about whiners

Mines of Moria has been out just under a month and the experience has been great for me, but not for all.  The forum trolls have returned with a vengeance and it seems this also relates to the Halloween zombie event of WoW.  Basically, a lot more pop culture references have been popping up in [...]

Ass-hattery: Is it localized or industry wide?

Today was another day like most. I was over in an area of Northrend, killing some quest mobs, pretty much doing the usual. So I take down a Lasher, loot it and the instant my character stands back up, some ass-hat runs over, harvests it, and runs off. No asking, no waiting to see if [...]

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