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Channel Masive Legends 6: Bring out Your Dead

Summary This week we discuss The Gravedigger, listener mail and our ever present champion homework. Hosts Scott, Mark and Noah Show Contents 00:00…  Introduction and Finally Listener Mail 31:18…  Patch 120 Gravedigger 1:03:44…  Next episode’s champion choices Total Length 1:21:01 Music Dream Theater – Metropolis, Pt. 1- The Miracle and the Sleeper

Channel Massive Legends 4: Tribunal Verdict GUILTY!

Summary This week in Episode 4 the guys discuss the recent Metagame changes and their Summoner homework.   Hosts Scott, Mark and Noah Show Contents Total Length 43:58 00:00…  Introduction and who we’ve been playing 21:38…  Mega Metagame patch discussion 38:38…  Next episode’s champion choices Music: Def Leppard – Tomorrow Simple Plan – Generation 3 Doors [...]

Channel Massive Legends: Episode 2 – Ready to Rumble

ARRRRGHHH! Summary Scott, Mark, and Noah are back for Episode 2 of Channel Massive Legends. Join us as we discuss our Champion projects from the last two weeks and the new champion Rumble.

Lore of Legends: Galio

The guys over at Riot Games have to stop doing this to me! They’ve introduced a new champion named Galio, and he’s looking to be the first tank I will seriously try out. Listeners of the podcast may already know that our resident “Southern Gentleman”, Scott, has been trying to become proficient with the varied [...]

League of Legends – Season One Start Date Announced

Word just came in from Riot games that the League of Legends Season One start date has been officially announced.  The date will be July 13th and I for one am very excited.  This will take League of Legends from a casual game to a hard core game, for those who choose that path. Below [...]

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