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Channel Massive Today! – Bioware Week Edition

Jason addresses his concerns about Bioware and Dragon Age 2.  

Channel Massive…Today! 08.18.10

Blizzard’s lawsuit against ScapeGaming. Recommended reading: Gamasutra Article – Blizzard wins $88m judgement against WoW private server owner

Channel Massive…Today! 08.17.10

Today I discuss the fine line between being a fan and a journalist. Suggested reading - “No cheering in the press box” and other rules games journalism needs by AJ Glasser (via GamePro)

Channel Massive…Today! 08.02.10

Eric interviews Perfect World Entertainment about their upcoming game “Heroes of Three Kingdoms.”

Channel Massive…Today! 07.28.10

The world of Norrath and the King of Pop invade today’s episode.

Channel Massive…Today! 07.27.10

Zergs, Superheroes, and Spaceships.  Oh my!

Channel Massive…Today! 07.22.10

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge (Special Edition) Review

Channel Massive…Today! 07.21.10

Free To Play games, Red Dead Redemption, and a mix of other topics are up for discussion in this edition.

Channel Massive…Today! 07.15.10

While the video game industry is floundering, I’ll distract you with a fluffy bunny.   Enjoy.

Channel Massive…Today! 07.14.10

A Toy Story 3 review and some MMO news are on tap in today’s show.

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