Lore of Legends: Olaf

An interesting fellow has been introduced by the developers over at Riot Games by the name of Olaf. He seems to be a Berserker/Viking character who has some neat moves at his disposal.

The first thing to consider is his passive. For every percentage of health that he loses his attack speed increases! I usually play ranged or support characters so my first thoughts on this fall in the category of how this character can help me and vice versa.

Playing as a Malhazar, I can see the advantage of having a scary ax-wielding maniac on my side. His skill shot ability, Undertow, would make taking down a Champion that much easier. I could also see a simple strategy of letting his health get low, then stunning a Champion with Malahazar. His buff, Vicious Strikes,  and attack speed, coupled with my nasty damage over time spell would make quick work of a player.

I think playing as my support character, Nidalee, would open up some more options in the survivability territory though. Chancing a low health gank on a character would feel a bit safer if he were able to cast Ragnarok, which reduces incoming damage,  and have a few heals coming his way.

After the break check out the lore, abilities, in-game screenshots for yourself and tell us what you think! While we wait for him though start praying to the Norse gods for a Techno Viking skin to be released.

Champion Type: Fighter


On an uncharted continent beyond Valoran’s grasping clutches, the conqueror named Olaf was born to a long tradition of soldiers unlike most others.  Berserkers, as they tout themselves, are warriors who channel fury deep from their cores, unleashing pure and savage wrath upon their enemies.  This fearsome evolution is a product of their unforgiving home, Lokfar – a barren tundra where all creatures must vie bitterly for every resource.  Olaf belonged to a seafaring clan known for ruthlessly pillaging any and all villages within reach of their dragon-crested longboats. The last time he saw his icy home, Olaf was embarking on an expedition to pioneer and plunder a distant land known only to legend.  However, while underway, a terrible storm sprung up and Olaf and his crew were thrown to the mercy of a roiling and pitiless sea.

His ship destroyed, his crew nowhere to be found, Olaf miraculously washed up untold miles from “friendly” waters on the foreign shores of Valoran, south of Demacia. This unfamiliar place stunned and frightened the Berserker, for Lokfar is not privy to such potent magicians. Approaching them, Olaf hoped that they could use their mysterious powers to send him back to his people. A bargain was struck. Olaf would use his awesome prowess as a warrior to serve the unusual wars of Valoran in the League of Legends, and in exchange the sorcerers would find him a way to return. Despite his participation in the League, Olaf knows better than to trust the “finger wagglers” that run the Institute of War. He deliberately keeps details of his life and home from them. After all, with enough information, they would most certainly find the Lokfarians and dominate them as they have dominated all of Valoran, keeping both quietly — and unwittingly — in their thrall.

Beware the war cry of the Berserker. What surges toward you is unyielding, free from the shackles of reason.

Ability Descriptions


Olaf throws an axe into the ground at a target location, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed of units it passes through. If Olaf picks up the axe, the ability’s cooldown is reduced by several seconds.

Vicious Strikes

Olaf’s attack damage is increased, scaling based on his health, and he gains massive lifesteal and spell vamp.

Reckless Swing

Olaf attacks with such force that it deals true damage to his target and himself.

Ragnarok (ultimate)

Olaf becomes immune to disables, gains increased armor penetration, and reduces incoming damage by a flat amount.

Berserker Rage (passive)

For each percentage of health Olaf is missing, Olaf’s attack speed is increased by that percentage.

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