Episode 131 – Square Table

Mark and Noah discuss gaming topics across a very square card table.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:46 What We’re Playing
00:24:24 Mail Bag
00:30:54 Round (er square) table
01:04:07 Conclusion

Musical Interludes:
01 – The Night of the Living Dead – The Vision Bleak
02 – Wolfmoon – The Vision Bleak
03 – Metropolis – The Vision Bleak
04 – Horror of Antartica – The Vision Bleak

Show Notes:

Games Workshop suing fan site for using a game title in their name.

  • It’s your IP and you can cry/sue if you want to!
  • Wasn’t Warhammer Online far more damaging their IP than any fan site could ever be?

Failed MMO source code released as open source.

  • Why couldn’t this have happened with Tabula Rasa, AC2, etc?
  • Will we see new MMOs emerge from this code base?
  • How hard would it be to use this as a tool kit?

DDO moving up list of MMOs most played by former (waiting) WoW players.

  • Is it the FTP model that’s working or was DDO always this alluring?
  • Maybe Warhammer Online can go FTP and finally “beat” WoW?
  • Runescape is #1? Seriously? Runescape?

EA charging for online play in all future sports games if rented or bought used
Meanwhile, Nintendo may charge for online play, says Miyamoto

  • Xbox Live legtimized pay-to-play subscriptions; could this be the way everything goes for consoles?
  • EA seems a little out-of-order to charge a fee when Xboxers already pay to access Xbox Live
  • If more MMO gamers are tired of paying subscriptions as suggested with DDO’s popularity, will this create a greater divide between PC and console gamers, or sway more console folks to play PC?

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