Blog-O-Steria: Just a Few Dozen Reasons…

Dear Blizzard,

Below are 30+ reasons to reconsider your decision about Real ID and it’s implementation within your forums.

All of them don’t necessarily agree with each other.  Some of the discourse has been a little nasty, but for the most part?  There is a ton of healthy debate going on.  Good, old-fashioned anonymous debate.

I’m sure that some of these bloggers wouldn’t want to be lumped into the same mix as your regular forum posters, but for the most part I believe they share this common thread –  the majority of these passionate gamers wouldn’t feel comfortable making posts or participating in these conversations if there wasn’t some level of anonymity.

Are you really willing to sacrifice all of the potential great debates due to a few rotten apples?  If this is about integrating some of the “fundamentals” of social networking sites into your own, do you really need to follow in the footsteps of companies like Facebook?  Can’t you come up with your own solution?  A better solution?

I’ve had the pleasure of debating topics like these all day with some of these fine people.  One thing we’re fairly clear on is that we absolutely have no idea why you’ve chosen this path.

How about you do us all a favor and explain it to us?  Just expect a vigorous, thoughtful, and (sometimes) humorous debate.  We are not the usual trolls and flamers that you’re apparently used to.

Update – 7/8/10 *updated with even more blogs and links*’s-new-forum-plan-is-an-epic-fail/–-real-problem/

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    That list is damn insane.

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