Lore of Legends: Galio

The guys over at Riot Games have to stop doing this to me! They’ve introduced a new champion named Galio, and he’s looking to be the first tank I will seriously try out.

Listeners of the podcast may already know that our resident “Southern Gentleman”, Scott, has been trying to become proficient with the varied roles in a game of League of Legends. I’ve slowly been trying to do the same by having at least a support and dps character that I play regularly. I’ve never tried my hand at a tank and thought I’d never would…until now!

Galio offers all the tanky tankness…of  a tank with a nice helping of support abilities. I’ve already mentioned that support is my favorite role in LoL, right? Galio’s first three abilities offer the options to slow the enemy, shield an ally while healing himself, and also provide a movement speed increase while dealing damage. I’m really going to have a ton of fun laning with Scott when he’s playing Malphite. He’s a pretty mean and aggressive player when it comes to his stone behemoth and to have someone buffing and debuffing while he’s at it…HOLY SMOKES!

I’m realizing that if Scott and I lane together we’re creating something more than just a group, but a dynamic duo of stone construct goodness! If anyone has any suggestions for what we should be called while forming awesome offensive and defensive patterns such as, Alpha Strike, Pattern Delta Beam, and something I equally just made up, The Torrential Stone Formation, please leave it as a comment!

Holy crap, Scott! We could form a club and have a secret hand shake!

Check out the Lore and skills of the new champion, Galio, after the break! Hope to see you in Summoner’s Rift!


Long before the League’s regulation of such magic, mages experimented with the creation of artificial life.  Now forbidden, instilling golems with reason was once not so uncommon a practice amongst the more expert of craftsmen.  One such visionary was the Demacian artificer, Durand. Peerless at crafting sentient beings, Durand’s constructs served as tireless guardians for the border towns of his beloved city-state, affording them protection from their Noxian neighbors.  For his own defense, however, Durand kept his magnum opus: Galio. This mighty construct – forged in the image of a gargoyle – kept him safe on his journeys, allowing him to perform his important work without fear of reprisal from those hostile to his homeland. That is, until dealing with his taxing sentinels finally roused the ire of the Noxian High Command.

As Durand crossed the Howling Marsh with his masterwork in tow, he was set upon by Noxian assassins in force.  Outnumbered and overwhelmed, Galio looked on in horror as the murderers cut down his charge, executing him swiftly before vanishing back into the mists.  Stripped of his reason for being, Galio despaired.  For years he remained in solitude, standing vigil over the bones of the master he had failed to protect… a literal monument to his own everlasting shame.  Then, on one nondescript day, a sad but determined yordle girl carrying a mighty Demacian crown stopped in the shadow of a great statue to rest.  Hidden in plain sight from his unsuspecting visitor, Galio studied the forlorn yordle. She looked as though she too shouldered a tremendous burden.  As quietly and as stoically as she had arrived, she departed in the direction of Demacia.  This encounter lit a spark in Galio’s eye.  Remembering the cause that his master had died defending, Galio arose from his silent purgatory and followed in the wake of this brave creature.  He had a new reason to live: to join the League of Legends and fight for the will of Demacia.

“There is no such thing as redemption. Only penance.” – Galio


Resolute Smite:  Galio fires a concussive blast from his eyes, slowing and dealing damage to enemies caught near the impact point.

Bulward:  Galio shields an ally Champion, increasing their Armor and Magic Resistance, and restoring Galio’s health each time that Champion suffers damage.

Righteous Gust:  Galio claps his wings, unleashing a gust of concussive wind that damages enemies and leaves a directional draft in its wake that increases ally movement speed.

Idol of Durand (Ultimate):  Galio assumes the form of a statue, taunting nearby enemies and storing concussive energy as they attack him.  Galio then bursts from his statue shell, releasing the stored energy to damage surrounding foes.

Runic Skin (Passive):  Galio converts 50% of his total Magic Resistance into Ability Power.

3 Comments to Lore of Legends: Galio

  1. Marcus V's Gravatar Marcus V
    August 9, 2010 at 10:02 am | Permalink

    Eric you could pick up Rammus and we could run as “Rock and Roll” although thats kind of lame.

    How about “Mountians of PAIN!!!”

    Or my personal Ricky Bobby favorite “Shake and Bake”

  2. August 15, 2010 at 4:49 pm | Permalink

    I have played him and I love the way he works as a tank. Later in the game all that magic defense converted to AP really allows you to surprise those who attempt to get too close!

  3. August 22, 2010 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    I’m finally doing the install for this now…I have to see what all of the fuss is about.


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