The End of the DC Universe!…Beta.

DC Universe Online releases this week and I’m prepared to work my way from lackey to Mr. Super Powered Man of Mysterious Explosive Pants…+2.  I have my reservations about the game but I can’t deny that I really enjoy playing it.

I’m really no closer to choosing what you’d call a main character than I was when I started the beta. All this week I’ll be posting info about the super-powered identities I plan to don in the DC Universe.  I’ve created at least one for each mentor so that should be fun!

Today though, we’ll be looking at the end of beta event that was held on January 5th. I attended the Batman VS. Joker brawl in one of the many shady parts of Gotham (To be honest Gotham is entirely shady). There was also a matchup between Lex Luthor and Superman, but I had to stick with my favorites. I got there early to take a few screenshots of other player characters so I’ve got a ton of neat outfits for you to check out!


The event was held in the Botanical Gardens in Gotham City. The zone was overgrown by Poison Ivy. Vicious man-eating plants and Solomon Grundy stalked the area under Ivy’s seductive enchantment. Low level characters were stepping into a level 18-20 death trap until higher level characters came in to keep the place cleared out.

Once both the Batman and Joker arrived people crowded around their respective mentors and ogled at their character models. Both the future versions that you may have seen in the awesome Blur Studios intro to the game.

When the battle finally started it quickly melted into a chaotic spectacle of death and respawning and that was before they summoned giant mechanical monsters of terror called Avatars of Tech! What I really attended the event for was to see how the game handles with so many people in one place and I’m happy to report that I died a bunch but not from lag! The game held up pretty darn well to the player onslaught!

Now check out the rest of the pictures I took during the event and I hope you enjoy the posts coming next week!

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