Fighters for the Future: Burden Croy

My plan of posting about a different character once a day really hasn’t worked out. The primary reason being that the game is so much fun. Luckily I’ll be talking about the main culprit in today’s post: Burden Croy. Oh man! Look at that picture! He’s scary!

With this character I’m going for tragic childhood turned him to a life of crime…blah blah blah. He lost his family early in life just like Batman, but without all the fancy mounds of cash to fuel a life of revenge. He was shuffled around a bunch of foster homes and easily fell into the festering life of crime that awaits any young person without guidance in Gotham City.

Like all other recipients of power, Burden Croy was given a strange new ability. Seemingly useless at first his ability manifested in an odd craving. Mr. Croy was not surprised. Just his luck that while everyone else around him got magnificent powers he’d get stuck with something completely useless. The craving persisted though and developed into a clear obsession of chemical compounds. On a routine supply run with his newly empowered boss they were assaulted by a band of rookie super heroes.

In a bittersweet moment Croy was saved by his obsolescence, the heroes focused on the powered threat and ignored him. He was able to flee in the struggle but quickly was lost in the labyrinth of hallways that made up the science facility.

As he turned one of several corners, shoving away fleeing workers and hearing the conflict fade into a thankful din; the feeling of impotence grew inside him. Kicking at the closest door in a fit of rage, Croy was not prepared for the intense pain of a foot shattering on a six inch steel alloy door. The sound roused the attention of the sniveling scientist hiding in the room the door protected.

As victims go the small man was nothing if not vocal.

The small curious eye peeking from the opened door was met by Croy’s bloodshot bulging eyes projecting the pain of his foot. The seasoned thug easily over took the man before he could close the door and savored his death as if it were a salve meant to numb his broken appendage. Before he could see the last light dim from the eyes of his man, Croy was filled with a sudden sense of what room he’d trespassed into.

Filling hundreds of shelves were chemicals Croy had never known existed. Though they were all hermetically sealed he breathed in deeply and could trace the location of twelve separate compounds that he realized tugged at that exobyte infused part of himself he’d written off as a cosmic joke.

Without a thought of what he’d create, Burden Croy, set upon the chemicals with more furious abandon than he had with the corpse now growing cold behind him. Cautious hands may have avoided the skin searing burns as they married the volatile compounds, but with every addition to the concoction the craving, which now felt like a large knot within his stomach grew. Quickly it traveled up his chest and escaped out as a ravenous snarl. Drooling and rambling as the last components were added, the thick door was blown off its hinges.

The heroes had subdued the would-be thieves and tracked down Burden Croy somehow.  Taken aback by the rabid look of the man in front of them they had no time to react as he rammed a brightly glowing solution, vial and all, into his mouth and crunched down desperately. Tears welled and smoke issued from his glowing maw. Withering skin cracked and an unearthly scream echoed in the heroes heads.

Shaking his head a speedster hero ran as fast as he could only to find that he was lifted completely off the ground. Helpless as his partner was knocked to the floor and shelves upon shelves of chemicals were heaped upon him. Left helpless in the air the hero shot focused bursts of flame at Burden Croy to no avail. The terrified rookie heroes flames glanced away from Croy as an invisible shield of psychic energy protected him.

The flames while, missing their intended target, found a home with the pile of chemicals at that moment corroding the other hero slowly. The speedster had only enough time to hear a renew of the screams of his best friend before coming face to face with Croys cracked and bleeding visage. The point blank telekinetic burst killed him instantly, well before the riddle of bullets left the hero a smoking mass.

Burden Croy had found his true potential. His body racked with pain if not given the treatment of his homemade super serum. Unlike the first reaction Croy seemed to be gifted with, an unerring intellect, the abilities he was gifted with still retained their reckless chaotic nature. His body retained the same ghastly appearance, but is considered to be a fair trade off for his new abilities.


Burden Croy is a great character to play. Dual pistols allow for opportunities to poor on the dps and juggle enemies in a way that’s fun every time. Telekinesis as a power selection provides abilities that are all about exploiting characters in weakened states. Be it stunned or encased in a hold, Croy does more damage if the person is vulnerable. The first power chosen from the tree has a chaotic effect that, set off in an appropriate area, is hilarious and badass at the very same time.

The ability has a chance to lift a target up into the area rendering them helpless for a few seconds. This allows him to riddle them with bullets or switch to another target to stun them with another ability or finish them off. If a physics item like a car is near the area of affect it levitates and flies towards the victim hitting him and anyone else in the way! I giggled the first time it happened.

The acrobatic travel power unlocks helpful abilities like rocket-assisted glide, grappling hooks, or a myriad of acrobatic abilities that deflect incoming attacks, stun enemies, and look pretty cool! One of my favorite combos is to get into a victims face with a spinning burst of bullets, smack them up into the air, continue shooting them in their mouth-holes and then finish them with a telekinetic ability that pins them in the air! I then get to slowly walk away with my muscled arms as they are hit in the face by a car! Exclamation Marks!!!!!

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