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If you’re a gamer, the name might give you goosebumps, thinking of all the magnificent worlds, both original and licensed, the developer has built complex, emotional games around. In fact, much like another developer whose name starts with a “B,” Bioware carries a “do no wrong” reputation for many: if “Bioware” is on the game box, the game is going to be good. This tenet is emphasized when other developers take on development of sequels to a Bioware game. The sometimes subtle differences in quality and execution are apparent, though Bioware often designs such solid gameplay systems and worlds that a secondary developer is already off to a good start when taking the reins of something like Knights of the Old Republic II.

Yet hold on a moment…

Now under the umbrella of Electronic Arts, we may start seeing what happens when a mega publisher pushes for more content faster. Mass Effect 3 is being cranked out barely a year after its well-received prequel (which got two years’ worth of work), and Dragon Age II was just shot out to stores less than a year and a half after Dragon Age: Origins was released, which took at least five years to incubate.

And if you ask Bioware fanboys Mark and Jason what they think of the new Dragon Age game? Underwhelming and disappointing. It’s still a solid game, but it’s not at the same level of quality as they expected. We’ll get into why that is in our podcast coming out later this week, and also talk about why we still love the developer, and what we think will happen with future releases Mass Effect 3 and, of course, the company’s first MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In the meantime, how about you share a little of your Bioware love (should it exist) and tell us which of the following franchises started or worked on by Bioware is your favorite. Yeah, we know that other developers handled some sequels in these series. Forget that. We want to know what you think, Bioware vs. Bioware: which of their work is your favorite?

Which series is home to your favorite Bioware-made video games?

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1 Comment to This Week on Channel Massive: Bioware

  1. Julien's Gravatar Julien
    April 4, 2011 at 3:35 am | Permalink

    Mass Effect was the first Bioware game I played and it hooked me completely.
    Since then, I’ve picked up Dragon Age, Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, and Knights of the Old Republic and loved every single one of them. Bioware genuinely has my wallet at their disposal at any time.

    While I agree with the comments on Dragon Age, I would like to point out that though “year-wise” it has only gone from 2010 to 2011 in the development of Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 2 was released January 2010 and 3 is coming out at the END of 2011. So it’s actually closer to two years of development than one.
    If there’s anything I guarantee it’s that both EA and Bioware will learn from the error of Dragon Age 2. Unlike Actvision, EA has recently been taking great care of its “umbrella developers” (i.e. Crytek who just released the AMAZING Crysis 2 worked on it for 3 years).

    As for Dragon Age 2, what I believe happened is that both BioWare and EA wanted a quick sequel for Dragon Age, but once BioWare realized its product was not up to the usual snuff, it was too late, and EA refused to change the release date. I mean, think about it, #2 was announced just a few short months after Origins and in my opinion at that stage it was just as much BioWare’s decision as it was EA’s.
    But when push came to shove, BioWare realized the game wasn’t ready but EA said “tough shit, we’ve been marketing this game for 2011 March release and we’re not delaying it.”

    In the end it came down to EA’s decision, but its probably not as one sided as the general interwebs is saying.
    But blaming corporations is fun, so if an angry mob starts, I’ll be sure to join in with my torch and pitchfork :P

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