Put down the freakin’ controller and pick up your baby!

Whenever I see stories like this and this, I just want to explode.

Last time I checked, your job as a responsible parent doesn’t include getting to play video games 24/7. It’s tough work (and thankless at times), but that’s life.

How people get so addicted to gaming that they would totally ignore the needs of their children is beyond me. Is leveling your female night-elf hunter to 50 more important then helping your son learn how to walk? How is getting that uber Vorpal Sword of Undeath(TM) for your warrior going to help your baby get milk? For some reason, these parents just don’t understand.

A lot crazy conservatives out there are looking for any excuse to point to video games as the root of all evil in the world. They claim that “Video Game Addiction” is real and should be valid diagnoses. I hate to think that my hobby could be labeled as such, but you have to wonder if they’re right. Especially when you choose raid groups, Hobbits, and magic over your kids.

Now please excuse me while I change my kids diaper. I’d rather be killing goblins…they don’t smell half as bad as some of the stuff he puts out. Ewwww.

Jason (aka Smush the Skullcrusher)

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