The Line That Was Dividing Us

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The M-team will definitely discuss this in Episode 59, but I wanted to get this out here while the debate is still fresh out of the oven.

A major shitstorm has been brewing all week long about Tobald’s free Warhammer subscription.  Some parties wanted to know why they were left out.  Some made it known that they wouldn’t accept free stuff in the fear that it might influence their opinion.  Some are wondering what in the hell is the big deal?

While everyone is debating whether Tobald is a paid stooge or if the blog-o-sphere just needs to get a grip about it, I think the real question is this:

Are video game bloggers and podcasters finally part of the mainstream gaming media?  I’m starting to think that we’re already there.

I’ve always felt that MMO bloggers and podcasters were part of a grassroots effort.  After all, we’re just a collection of gaming nerds who wants to voice our opinions about these stupid games we love (or hate).  We try to give them with unabashed honesty and we’re certainly not under the scrutiny of a gaming magazine who will fire us if we publish a bad review of a game (allegedly).  Whoever happens to run into these insane ramblings of ours and wants to join in on the debates is just gravy.

Times are changing though and maybe that’s why some are quibbling about “Tobaldgate.” Perhaps we’re worried that the fine line between us and the mainstream gaming media is being erased.  Oh you can still see it, but it’s getting blurry.

The days where *insert popular gaming mag here* gets the exclusive scoop on the latest hot title are gone.  Some bloggers and podcasters are attending (even at their own expense) the same conferences that gaming magazines were once only privy too.  Another growing trend is the presence of developers who are more than willing to take some time out of their day to talk on some of our podcasts or stop by our blogs to comment on what we’re saying.

While they may not always like what we have to say, gaming companies are listening and understand that (for better or worse) we’re no longer the exception, but a growing rule when it comes to video game commentary.  They would be stupid not to try to get more free exposure from us whenever they can.

3 Comments to The Line That Was Dividing Us

  1. September 11, 2008 at 12:39 pm | Permalink

    This really got out of hand eh?
    Who really cares what goodies he gets.
    Tobold is popular because he speaks…a lot.
    He talks everyday. His blog is updated every day. He always has something to say..interesting or controversial even…
    This is what makes a blogger (I think) worth reading…
    I may not enjoy WoW that much, yet, I go to Tobolds site as I enjoy what he has to say anyways…

    And Mythic wants to be a part of that…bad or good.
    Who can blame them.

    Tobold would have paid for the game, and based on his mini-review…it is not too biased either.

    Blog-o-steria sure is rampant eh?

  2. September 11, 2008 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    The problem is…you have so many to choose from…who could possibly be the winner is the problem..


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