Channel Massive Episode 189: Spectral Delivery

World of Warcraft Screenshot - Spectral Mount

So much to talk about that some is shoved in the intro. WoW’s resubscription ploy, the Steambox, Mass Effect 3 and much more…

Noah and Mark

Show Contents
00:00:00… Unexpectedly Meaty Intro
00:23:00… Your Emails & Comments
00:30:27… What We’re Playing
00:44:37… Round Table: Valve’s Console & Blizzard’s Resubscription Scheme
01:12:30… Conclusion
01:14:35… Total Length

Music Credits
01 – Channel Massive Theme – Lucas Wolf & Paul Nevins
02 – The Girl from Ipanema – Astrud Gilberto
03 – A Silent Film – You Will Leave a Mark
04 – Sia – Beautiful Calm Driving
05 – Pizzicato Five – Wild Strawberries
06 – Channel Massive Theme (Reprise) – Lucas Wolf & Paul Nevins

1 Comment to Channel Massive Episode 189: Spectral Delivery

  1. Kurosuzeria's Gravatar Kurosuzeria
    March 20, 2012 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

    RE star wars… I didn’t realise I had 92 hours lol, that’s two weeks of gameplay to me as I quit playing after two weeks. My issue; it’s a great game and it’s fantastic with gameplay and the stories are wonderful, but it’s not a good MMO. It’s a great single player game and I can even see co-op being awesome in it sometimes, but it’s not a game I would pay monthly to play. If it were not a monthly pay game I would play the hell out of it. I managed to get into my mid-20′s finishing most of the quests (even elite ones) with little to no trouble on my own. The only time I grouped was the flashpoint on the first spacestation.

    Also having tried them both, Android > iPhone anyday

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