Episode 69 – Sixty Nine Dude

The M-Team discusses the demise of Tabula Rasa, FUNCOM layoffs, Final Fantasy expansions, and more.

00:00:00    Introduction
00:04:00    What We’re Playing
00:16:01    The Week in Gaming
00:41:33    Blog-O-Steria
01:02:31    Conclusion


Another One Bites the Dust – Tabula Rasa to Shut Down
Current subscribers to receive these lovely parting gifts
Funcom Lays of a large chunk of U.S. Employees
Square Enix annouces three expansions for Final Fantasy XI
Crazy Asian Gamer Alert!  Five killed in fight at Video Game Center.
Get Your Turkey Leg-O-Death from Vanguard’s Havest Day Event
I played WoW for Four Years and all I got was this stupid bear
Does this sound familiar?  Yeah, I’m scared too…
Jacobs talks about upcoming WAR Open RvR changes

Blog-O-SteriaThis week…torture porn!

Bartle’s not happy about virtual torture
Neither is WoW’s favorite paladin
Bartle Takes time to respond at Broken Toys
Musical Interludes:
1 – Absurd Minds – The Cycle
2 – Absurd Minds – I feel Alive
3 – Absurd Minds – Watching Over You
4 – Absurd Minds – Sclerotic
5 – Absurd Minds – Hurt
6 – Agalach – As Embers Dress the Sky
7 – Agalach – Foliorum Viridum
8 – Agalach – Of Stone Wind and Pillar
9 – All the Ashes – Schwarz Macht Schlank
10- All the Ashes – Tantz

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