Unbelievable audacity, or just out of touch?

I was listening to one of my regular podcasts, and since I have about 35 a week that I go through it is odd that something struck me as a “What the hell are you thinking?” moment. I don’t regularly visit blogs. College and work take up far too much time for me to read anyone’s ramblings but those posted at Channel MASSIVE, and I would rather have rabid winged gerbils plucking at my eye lids than read peoples twits all day. So podcasts are my fix.

So, here I am heavily engrossed in my task at work listening to one podcast (I won’t say which one) when out of no where the caster begins going through the entire World of Warcraft WotLK Death Knight quest line. Now, having already gone through the entire quest line I was not mad that this person would spoil the plot for me, like belching out the end to a good book or amazing movie, but I was mad that this person had the audacity to ruin the excitement of discovery for anyone listening.

“So skip ahead, ya fool.  You don’t have to listen.” I realize that, it is a rather obvious band aid on the problem. But the fix, during the 3rd week of the expansion being out, would be to just say “I was simply blown away at how fun it was.” and leave it to people to have fun and the excitement of discovery.

I guess one of the angering points for me is that the person had just stated that he/she created a Death Knight, but really wasn’t interested in playing it, at least not yet. Just that he/she just wanted to be able to report on it. Are you kidding me? Is this the same type of person who sits in a movie that they have already seen and talks about it all the way through your first viewing?

What would make a person think that they are so idolized that people would not mind him/her ruining the coolest part of the most anticipated expansion of the year? And let me tell you form actual experience with a fully functional Death Knight, The quest chain for the starting Death Knight is great, and very entertaining. Take the time to read the quests, the lore, and the story lines. I just pray that more things of this type start to show up in games.

AND, stop whining about holiday events disrupting your game play. IT IS PART OF THE DAMNED GAME! Stop grinding for a few minutes and enjoy a break in the boredom. Damn.

So anyway, back to the spoiler portion of that podcast. The individual talked on about it as if the listening public needed guidance on getting through the quest line (which you don’t, because it is very well done), or convincing that you should play a Death Knight if only for that experience. That seems a bit out of touch to me. twelve million players, and you think YOU are going to be the one to impact people playing this game… on the most anticipated release of 2008… to play the most hyped class in the game… what?

Come on folks. Lets get some perspective. Yes we blog, yes we podcast, but no we are not a privileged few. We put out a bit more effort to be heard or seen, but we do not have a right to elevate ourselves above others as though we have a right to ruin a person’s experience just so we can say we have been there and done that. People don’t need instructions, or spoilers. They need enthusiasm or warnings against disappointment so they do not invest time or money on a waste of a product. WotLK is far from a waste, the the Death Knight quest line is very far from a disappointment.  So let people discover, and keep the encouragement spoiler free.

I’m Ark, and that’s my angle on it.

6 Comments to Unbelievable audacity, or just out of touch?

  1. Swedishchick's Gravatar Swedishchick
    December 14, 2008 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    Im so with you on this one, i have heard one podcast (no im not going to say which one) that calls its self a podcast about all the mmos out there and still give crap about all other games exept lotro, fine lotro is a good game, but when they are saying that Aoc had a better launch then warhammer i got pissed comon rly? were they even there when it launched?. When he/she says crap about all other games exept one, they shouldent rly say they give an side to others, when there infact telling everyone that all other games are bad. I mean come on, fine if they dont like a game, but they cant rly say that its bad, they should just say that it wasent for them insted of giving the impression to all that listens that there are only one game to talk about and thats Lotro. Just rename the podcast to frikking lotroawsomeness..
    peww now i can calm down when i got that off my chest.

  2. December 15, 2008 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    You know what I love to do?

    I love to walk out of a movie (it’s best if it’s a summer blockbuster on opening day) and make up FAKE spoilers to piss people off.

    As I exit the theater, I start going off….making absolutely sure that the people who are eagerly waitng in line can hear what I’m saying.

    A couple of my favorites are:

    “OMG! I can’t believe they actually killed off ***insert character name***!”
    “Dude! That sex scene between ***insert names here*** was hot!”

    I’m also known to spoil certain major plot points for a popular science fiction series now and again…*cough*

  3. Julien's Gravatar Julien
    December 16, 2008 at 1:41 am | Permalink

    Seeing as it has been over a month since launch, I would hardly say spoiling the Death Knight quests is a spoiler. People who haven’t played through will have heard all about it from guild mates or on general chat. It actually pisses me off when Mark stops talking about the quest line because (since I don’t play WoW but played the RTS’s) I’m interested in the story. Come on Mark, you’ve spoiled so much, just add one more.
    And I agree entirely with Jason. Fake spoilers are the bomb to tell people who are really into a tv series or movie. What’s even funnier is when the movie has a really messed up twist and you actually spoil it for other people and they don’t believe you. I laugh at their foolishness at those times. “What there’s time travel in Lost? Man you’re a fuckin liar!” lol nope. Oooh, i may have just spoilt it for someone :)

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