Episode 7 is now available at a 7-11 near you!

Actually no…it’s not really available at 7-11…yet…but our Director of Failed Global Marketing Initiatives hopes to someday achieve this lofty goal. 

 Episode 7 covers the following topics:

  1. Updates to WOW, COH/COV and LOTRO.  This segment includes an in-depth discussion of “Chicken Play” and how it’s destroying the very fabric of society.
  2. A round-table discussion on cross-gender gaming AKA the art of playing a character that is of the opposite gender of the player.  We unearth the sinister motiviations behind this deviant behavior.
  3. Finally we present a rant about end game focussed MMOs (all of them) and how for some players this isn’t necessarily the perfect match. 

So tune in and put your minds on “ready to rock” mode because this non stop thrill ride is now ready for your mass consumption. 


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