Video: Adventures in Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue

The first press and closed beta weekend for Perfect World’s and Cryptic’s Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter just wrapped up, and we at Channel Massive were lucky enough to experience it. During our time with the game from last Wednesday through Sunday, I recorded a few videos show you how the game looks and plays. Today, check out what it’s like to be a Trickster Rogue.

If you prefer not to sneak, dodge, and stab, the Trickster Rogue may not be for you. The class sacrifices defensive abilities for a ton of mobility. In just a few levels, you’ll feel like the X-Men’s Nightcrawler with all the teleporting around you’ll be doing!

While I’m new to recording and rendering video for YouTube, I had a ton of fun documenting a basic progression of the Trickster Rogue class. In the following ¬†five videos, I go from level 7 to 13, and later in the week we’ll post a video with this same character running the first group instance: Cloak Tower.

Let the stabbing commence!

Please note that there are a total of 5 videos that will play continuously in the player below.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more videos this week!

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