Channel Massive Episode 247: Old Republic Tales – Run ‘n Gun

Channel Massive Episode 247: Old Republic Tales - Run 'n Gun

Mark and Noah run through missions in SWTOR with the Scotts, and also discuss Monaco and StarCraft II’s Heart of the Swarm.

Mark and Noah

Show Contents
00:00:00… Introduction
00:05:41… Last Week on Channel Massive
00:07:13… Monday Game Night
00:25:47… We Play Monaco
00:36:28… Ongoing World of Warcraft Adventures
00:41:16… Mark Plays Through StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
00:46:53… Hopes for Blizzard’s Next
00:56:19… What We’re Playing Next and Conclusion
00:58:02… Monday Game Night Outtakes
01:01:18… Total Length

Music Credits

  • Channel Massive Theme – Lucas Wolf & Paul Nevins
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Soundtrack – Free Download

Our Current Tour of Duty: Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Free to Play – Download
  • Server: Prophecy of the Five
  • Characters:
    • Mark -  Bhette
    • Noah – BiggShooter
    • Southern Scott – Ki’Ree
    • Military Scott – Skindiana’Bones
    • Hilge Scott – Mugii
    • …YOU? Join us on Mondays and get into the group!
  • Time: Mondays 11 PM – 1 AM eastern time through Monday May 27

We’re ALSO Playing: World of Warcraft

  • Game: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Buy (monthly subscription required beyond level 20)
  • Server: Arthas
  • Guild: Channel Massive
  • Characters:
    • Mark – Snoogems / Shaman or Xulin / Warlock
    • Noah – Cuddlmonstrr / Brewmaster Monk
    • J-Shawn – Dinnaeh / Mage
    • Hilge – Uichan / Hunter or Mugichan / Hunter
    • Hugh – Anmi / Priest or Hughbaloo / Warrior
    • Tom – Zhangdeji / Mistweaver Monk
    • …YOU? Get in touch via twitter or in-game to join the group!
  • When: Weekly impromptu times– usually Sunday nights– email us or tweet us @channelmassive to get in the loop!

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