Episode 85 Coming Next Week

I apologize to all of you who have been enjoying shirtless Jake Gyllenhall: this post will officially be pushing that off our homepage.  But hey, this is important because it’s about US, not the Prrrrrince of Persia!

Jason and I recorded a very excellent episode 85 last week, but because Mark’s on paternity leave, we had to record over at my apartment with different hardware and, well, the sound quality is too poor to subject you to.  Crrrrrackling garbling nose gunk.

Yes, while you may salivate at the thought of me and Jason cohosting Channel Massive, just us two, for the first time EVAR, it will alas become a part of Channel Massive’s misty history… a true lost episode.  Jason and I hope to create something more presentable for you this week, which we’ll share next week, and maybe Jason will get a mini-cast out for you in the meantime. Just know that we love you and are not dead. Well, we’re dead to a couple of you, but that’s on purpose.

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